34 Small Business Ideas That Are Made Into The Successful Businesses 2

34 Small Business Ideas That Are Made Into The Successful Businesses

Want an additional source of income? What’s bad about earning a bit more. Start with these small business ideas to expand your horizons.

Most of the biggest giants of the business world had started from scratch. Do you know the infrastructure engineer who worked at yahoo for at least ten years? He got the experience and that made him realize the potential ideas of the small business industry. He is no one but the founder of WhatsApp, Jan Koum.

The work experience and impressive skills, You need as a business person are a product of those risks that you take in life. Starting as a small business is a great idea to transform yourself and become a successful person.


Small Business Ideas For A Productive 2020

Real Estate Manager

real estate manager

Whenever you need to buy a property, you cant invest yourself. Deep knowledge of taxes and prevalent rates is a must to buy a property. You need a real estate manager who has skills to get you a property that is suitable for the budget.

Being a real estate manager requires knowledge of your neighborhood and rules to buy a property. Start with finding customers who are in the need of a property. You can easily get the first customers with the help of your relatives and friends.

Growing your business does not take many efforts, just have a website to register online. Getting online quotations for the property will provide convenience to customers. You can provide a large targeted market.

Holiday Managing Software

holiday software

Who wants to plan during a holiday, when you know a holiday is for relaxing? There you need a holiday manager. There is a huge demand for holiday managing software, especially in the corporate industry. Every other company needs to maintain an attractive holiday package, to ensure happy employees. That means increased productivity.

Every weekend most people get irritated to find out a place where they can hang out. If you are helping those people to feel relaxed then you are finding your potential market. The tremendous growth of the hours at which people work has created a great demand. You will be never low on demand while being a holiday manager.

The advantage that you are getting here is this business can be started from home. You can build a website and directly get customers by a registered tool provided on the website. Moreover, you can even go with a different full-time business with this business.

Packaging Service Provider

packaging is one of the small business ideas

Whether you shop for a comb or a mobile phone, who makes your day easier? It is those transport services that deliver every product soo smoothly. No one has the time to maintain their delivery service. It becomes impossible for a businessman to focus on the main business while providing additional functions.

After digitalization, every service is incomplete without proper delivery service. Packaging services include various other services such as consolidating products, contacting customers, packaging with specifications, etc. Packaging services provide a facility for returning the products.

Makeup Professional

makeup artist

Women love makeup, there is no denying in that. Whether it is a destination wedding party or just a casual get together. They just can’t stop themselves and why not look beautiful if you can. Now, why you are reading the obvious facts? Just to know that this market can never be low on demand.

You need to just join a course and learn it professionally. This business won’t need high-quality equipment or a grand place. You just need your skills and you are good to go. Its time to become a makeup artist by putting little effort and loads of passion. Want to start right now, Join these courses.

Home Tutor


The competition hasn’t risen only in the business world but the schools are the starting stage where a person feels like winning in the competition or at least be a good competitor. Home tuitions have been the center of convenience for these students. They don’t even perform well but even charge those students who are lacking behind

The addition in the value a home tutor creates cant be provided by a coaching class. Special attention to your child gives good pay. You won’t ever be thinking of switching to a different career. You can have flexible hours and day-offs. You are revising what you have already learned. Most of the teachers are taking this opportunity by being part-time or even full-time as a home tutor.

Bakery At Home

home bakery

Bakery business is the best if you are passionate about baking. You can even start at your home. Low investment and innovative in your hand, you are a sole decision-maker. You can create your line of products. You need to have enough experience in starting a business and managing with impressive skills.

You can read our guide to transform your baking passion into the bakery business.

This business can take to heights if you are focused and passionate about baking. Being upgraded with the new trend in the business that is a necessity for a baker. Don’t worry if you are not a professional, this guide will help you out in every way.

Personal Trainer

personal trainor

People around the world have become too keen about their fitness. But they don’t know where to start with. The need for personal trainers has not only in India but also in the whole world. Now you must be wondering how can you provide services living in faraway places, well you can. Online courses are much in demand.

You can start a business as an online fitness trainer and even a full-time trainer too. The rage among the youngsters will lead you a long way in this business. If the thoughts are too daunting start with our guide, How to open a fitness center.

Fitness Consultant

What if you come to know that people want motivation much more than the training they need? Then being the fitness consultant will be a profitable option for you. But this stage comes when the fitness conscious people have learned much about fitness.

You can start your consultancy as a nutritionist, motivational YouTuber or guide. It is a diversified field that requires you to identify your passion. Locate your skills and work on them. This will help you to grow a successful business.

Boutique from Home

How a single person can start a business and make it into a large scale business? It is a boutique that is easy to manage and run. If you provide quality, you will have a client base. You just want some experience in the fashion industry and you are ready.

Don’t think it’s too hard because nothing is if you try for it. A small investment will be able to start with a boutique. Basic equipment at your home and enough space for them are what you need.

A boutique can be of various kinds, finding what you are passionate about can take some time. But it is easy if you start working with boutiques that provide a variety of services. You just have to know what you are good at. Find a suitable internship here.

Cafe Owner

cafe owner

What is that thing that you need after waking up? It is the coffee that starts your day and for most of the people who are working hard every day. Now a cafe is not all about coffee, its the business where you can have the variety. From sandwiches to mocktails, there is nothing that the cafe doesn’t provide.

Starting a cafe will help you to be profitable and take decisions with your will. You are not listening to your boss or your partners. With freedom, responsibility follows. Don’t think you can do whatever you like. You have to be skilled enough to make responsible decisions.


Movers And Packers


Every other day people are shifting from one place to another, For work or transfers or maybe due to promotions. What they need most at that time? People who help them to shift their precious stored stuff to a new place with safety. Here comes a mover and packer’s service.

Starting a movers and packers service may look like a huge task. But it is not if you are already organizing your stuff with great care. It is well said, learning starts from home. If you can for your products then you just need to protect their stuff like yours and move it safely.

Home Decorator

home decorater

Renovation is a kind of new trend in India. You would always like to see our home well organized and trendy. That’s what a home decorator does. Customizing homes with the specifications of homeowners while maintaining a modern look.

You can be a home decorator if your taste stands out from others. You are the most high-class person in your group or maybe the one who has the most classy house maintained by yourself. You can get some experience by joining online courses.

Mobile Recharge Provider

mobile recharge service

Nowadays mobile recharge is done online, you would wonder how can it be profitable? It has now become more profitable than ever. You can start your online recharge service. You must know that you would have competitors. But quality will be the differentiator.

Maintain offers to grow your service. You can start collaborating with different network providers. Provide reasonable data and recharge packs. Expand your services as a mobile recharge to DTH recharge to Gas bills and electricity bills to school fees payments.

Juice Center


Beverages are the need for a daily schedule. That part of the day where you relax while sipping from a glass of healthy juice. The demand for organic juices has increased to a rate where juice centers are found at every corner.

Starting a juice center requires low investment and basic knowledge of juice costing. No need of worrying you can start with a juice center with our guide. How to start a juice business in India.

Juice centers are a hangout corner for youngsters. The growing fitness awareness in India has led to a shift to juices from soft drinks. Expanding juice centers is easy. just give your customers a delivery service. They will be yours forever.


Tailor Shop

tailor shop

why do women get tailored suits or men get tailored formal suits? it is not because they are available ready-made, it is because the choice of wearing customized clothes is the luxury of life

Starting a tailor shop from your home and showing off your innovative skills will require a minimum investment.

The basic needs to start with a tailor shop are –


 The tailor shop is a retail shop where you can start selling clothes online or a storefront business.

Wedding Planner

wedding planner

whats a wedding without living your dreams. but there is a humourous amount of time required to manage a wedding. A wedding planner is a professional who assists with the design, planning, and management of a wedding. but a wedding can cost a huge amount.

Without a wedding planner, there will be no proper budget for the wedding. one of the main reasons to hire a wedding planner is to make your wedding look attractive, unique and different from others.

It is a profitable business and never goes out of demand. Most importantly you are making someone’s day special.



If dance is your hobby then geta paycheque for it. Show off your skills on youtube channels. It is the fastest way to grow your business. Start with a dance class and make it famous. Once people know you, you are all set.

You need to be creative and must have a unique style. The competition in the dance industry is too high. You need to be wise enough while marketing yourself. Identify what you have that others don’t.

Is dancing your passion or just a hobby? Don’t fall in the trap of attraction. Most of people love dancing that doesn’t mean you can choose it as a career. Prepare well in advance.

Content Writer


Writing poems from your schooldays or maybe wrote stories in school drama? If your answer is yes, then become a content writer. Writing is what you know most about. You just need to sharpen your skills.

Start with learning from youtube channels and practice as much as you can. With the digital revolution, everything is on the web and who writes them? It’s those content writers who start as writing poems and learn with passion.

Just be focused and with the unique style you can attract clients. You will have demand if you are providing quality. Join Fiverr to get experience with content writing skills.

Food Service

food service

A food service more specifically is a tiffin center to provide meals. You will have a huge market, every person wants to eat food just like home. With the growing hostelers, working women and single individual, the need for the tiffin service have been at its peak.

If you are a foodie but with good cooking skills then don’t wait to start this business. Your passion is just the right thing you need here. Don’t think that there are bundles of restaurants out there. Quality attracts customers.

Food service centers can be started from home or even a store to collect orders would be perfect. You can even expand a food service center by building into multiple branches and starting an online website.

Electrical Shop

old radio

You have been into electrical been for a while now but starting your own business is one of the big decisions. This business requires good skills to start with. As per the demand, it is one of the profitable business. Often these days people are switching to electrical appliances from their regular works.

Kitchen chores such as cleaning utensils have now been done by dishwashers but what if these dishwashers don’t work for a day. Then we need an electrician. This business is a need for every person every other day.

The important point to look at is you can even provide electric services and good through online websites or start with your website. An electric business will need less investment and more skills.

Gift Store


What helps every occasion? It is a gift that shows your feelings and gives happiness on an occasion. Without a gift every occasion is incomplete. A gift store is a diversified field that can be a specialty store or toy store or maybe showpieces.

This business won’t need any specific skills, it would be fine if you just know how to sell them. The uniqueness of a gift that is nowhere else than you are giving something to your customers that others can’t.

It is one of the most profitable businesses in this era of marketing. Every marketer knows the importance of a good gift in the corporate world. Whether these are just flowers but they need to be customized according to the customer.

Cooking Classes

cooking classes

Cooking is a great deal in India. No one wants to eat food that is not delicious but cooking classes are specifically for those who want to specialize in this area. Cooking needs basic skills such as knowledge of spices, grilling, baking, cake decorating, different cuisine making and cutlery skills.

Cooking classes can be of various kinds culture-based cuisines, and international cuisines, etc. Cooking classes will need basic equipment such as kitchen utensils and containers. Host an event in your colony to showcase your cooking skills.

Your neighbors are your nearest clients, engage them in your culinary skills. Once they taste your food they get in with you learn that quality forever.

Daycare Center

daycare business

With the growing dual working parents, the need for a daycare that provides every facility to kids has increased. The more services you provide, profitable it goes higher. It is a much profitable business with low investment.

Initially, you can start with a daycare center at home that provides basic services such as food and safety. Expand your business by opening a daycare center at an ideal location. You can even provide additional services such as transportation, medical services, and play area.

You can also read: Learn How To Start Daycare Center And Live Your Childhood Memories

Pet Shop

pet shop

Most people want to fill the gap in their life. What can be the best from a faithful friend, a dog? Start a pet shop by filling people’s lives with happiness. It’s one of the profitable business, The era of loneliness and anxiety is beginning.

If you are already a pet owner, then you are halfway through it. Learn the basic needs of a dog such as feeding them, breeds of a dog, tools, and toys of the dog, etc. They need a proper schedule to play and walk.

You need to maintain a dog specifically with their weights so that they can avoid diseases. Once a disease occurs then it spreads to other dogs as well. To ensure the maintenance of cleanliness and hygiene.

Kitchen Utensils Store

kitchen utensils

It is the dream of women to have a perfect kitchen. They want every kind of utensils in hand. The main answer that you are looking for is what is the profitability of the kitchen utensils store. It has a large targeted market and increasing demand, low investment and high-profit margin constitute an attractive business.

Learn marketing techniques to sell these products such as collaborating with brands. You can sell their products even from your home. Tupperware is one of the prestigious brands in India that gives the opportunity of selling its products from home. Join here.



What can be the best use of a backyard? Start gardening and grow plants to sell. Get some additional income. The part of your house which was not giving you any profit can be a source of income too. Just learn some gardening skills.

Grow those plants which are required in your neighborhood and protect the garden with theft. The basic tools to start a nursery in your backyard are a garden hoe, garden spade, digging shawl, rake, gloves, pruning shears, hand trowel, rake and spray nosels.

Homemade Pickles


India is a hub of pickles, from mango to lemon to carrot all kind of pickle is found here. The demand for pickle is much more in the international market due to the different kind of taste it provides.

Pickles have even used as a juice for muscle cramps that enhances its market by an attractive use to health-conscious people. If your grandmother makes a good pickle then start with organizing a pickled event. Showcase your pickles.

You can open your authentic pickle store that specializes in unique areas. The tools required to start a basic pickle making store is tight pickle jar, kitchen twine, wide-mouth funnel, dish towels, and ceramic fermentation crock.


Homemade Chocolates

homemade chocolate

Chocolates are used for all kinds of events. You need to have unique skills to attract customers. A chocolate business has huge demand but customers are bored of those same square-shaped chocolates. What you are providing new to them?

Find the unique point of your line of products to grow in your business. The basic tools required are pipping bags, nosels, molds, cocoa powder, dipping folk, palettes knife, and metal scrapers.

With a low investment, start making chocolates at home and sell in your neighborhood.

Cosmetics Shop

cosmetic shop

Cosmetics have reached a new level of business, these are not only limited to normal people but the celebrities are even more attracted to cosmetics. Not only women but the market has enhanced to men too. People want to look like those celebrities by using makeup.

Makeup is diversified into a new field and its demand cant have a low point. You can start a cosmetic shop before you know what is your niche. It can be perfumes, creams, lipsticks, eye makeups, lotions, and hair products.

Second Hand Books Store

book seller

What an old book gives may not be delivered with a new one. To know your heritage or maybe just having a budget can be the causing of buying second-hand books. When a kid wants to learn and they can’t buy due to some 100rs they are short of. Here you come and help those who can’t afford it.

It is not a charity business but has great potential in the market. Second-hand books are purchased at a very low cost and sold at good margins. You are not even getting into a profitable business but even contributing your part to society.

Get the costing and other resources for the second-hand books here.

Homemade Crafts


Who doesn’t know of DIY crafts nowadays? Using waste material for good is loved by everyone. Also, making those cards for business and social events, gift boxes and specialty customized gifts is an additional income.

It is a low investment and a highly profitable business. Starting at home is really easy. Use your creative work and start selling them online. You can get a price if it is unique from your competitors.

Online craft stores are popular these days, customized gifts are generally ordered online. Join social events to show your skills. Attract customers with online marketing and advertising.

Mobile Covers and Accessories Store

iphone mobile cover

The innovative mobile covers have created a new area of business that is mobile covers and accessories. This business has further diversified into categories such as specialty iPhone covers and accessories store, video games and PlayStations also come in this area.

Start with selling quality brands at an affordable price. Provide attractive covers specialized for men, women or both. Marketing skills are just what you need to grow your business here.

You need to upgrade the stock according to the demand of the customers, start following Instagram pages and facebook pages. You will be daily updated with the current trends. You can even order them online at first and then sell in your locality.



How you are getting everything on YouTube? These are those YouTubers who are posting every day and researching for the information on their feet to get you the knowledge you require.

It is a creative field that will demand your innovative thought process, if you are the same YouTuber who is posting an unboxing video then maybe think for something else.

Once you get what users want then you can attract a large base of customers. You should learn the basics of monetizing those YouTube likes that you are getting. Collaborating with brands is an additional income you get here.

Radio Jockey RJ

rj mic

If you are one of those students who was innovative and loved to enjoy life. Then work for a radio enjoy showing off your amazing voice or maybe your impressive thoughts on the radio.

Radio jockey can even start anchoring in their career, as an additional source of income. It is a profitable business if you are passionate in the area. Start with joining internships available online.

You know bauaa, if not then this is not your field. It is the famous character made on the radio who makes fun of people by calling them on the phone. If you are capable of creating this kind of humor then go for it.

Dofollow this website to get attractive internships.


A passion takes your business to the heights where no one is. You need to focus on the skills that will help you with lifetime opportunities. The list provides you the businesses that are easy to start with low investment.

Consistency will help you to be on top. The uniqueness showcases and differentiates your product from others. Try to give services that are needed by your customers. You need to have marketing skills and business management abilities.

You are ready to identify your niche and start an additional source of income, maybe one of these businesses can change your life forever.

Hoping best for your future, Have any query?, Do comment.

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