Top 20 Computer Business Ideas | Earn Simply In 2020!! 2

Top 20 Computer Business Ideas | Earn Simply In 2020!!

You are on the right track if you want to earn by giving a few hours to your computer. The scope of computer businesses is vast. Before jumping into this ocean, take a look at various creative ways to find your specialty.

computer business ideas

A person does have one or more skills it is just a matter of time to explore them. Once you experience the small but great ways to earn, then you will not require anything.


Let us know what all computer business ideas are going to work for you in 2020!

Tech Blogging

Tech Blogging

Do you know which is the most popular blog? Its the tech blogs around the world. Every year new technology is built and who will explain these technologies to people? The tech blogs are the go-to place for a person who wants to know about the new iPhone launched in the market.

If you are planning to be a tech blogger then you must know that there are some important aspects to be known before. Identifying your expertise, choosing the name of your blog, and Purchasing a domain or starting a YouTube channel.

Photograph Selling

photograph selling

What are the sources from which photographers earn most? It’s not at the wedding photo-shoots. Nowadays the potential market for the photographers has extended to even at international platforms.

Each photo is sold online to be used commercially. It depends upon the quality and the kind of photo that is clicked. You need to research the market and create a unique style of photos. What is your cost? Just an internet connection and an attractive website.

Selling Computers

selling computers

While working in an office, every person has a work tool known as a computer. Without a computer that office is not operational. It is merely a building. computers are used worldwide as an evergreen technology

Starting as a computer/laptop seller gives you a vast market. If you have those marketing skills to build good connections then you are good to go. You just need to start as an online computer selling by setting up an attractive website.

Software Packages

software packages

The most important thing to answer here is, do you understand the huge market need for software? Do you know the skills to develop software? Are you passionate about coding? If you don’t have skills or don’t know about the market then don’t worry. You can start to learn.

If you are not even passionate about coding then you need to find something else. Do follow code academy to learn as far as you can. It offers free courses that will excite you to convert your passion into a paycheque. Software are dependent on the need of the market if you have a large potential market that is ready to pay for what you offer. Then you are a success.

App Development

app development

Are you one of those people who were not interested in the theory of computers but its practical usage was attractive to you. If yes, then you must grab the opportunity of developing an application that bridges the gap. The need of the people and the services that are not provided for the need.

Market research will help you out to be on top of your competitors. You can learn app development skills. Do follow Udemy and make your way in the digital era. Once you know what you want to provide, don’t settle there. Give an amazing experience by designing a helpful and attractive app.

Computer Maintenance

computer maintenance

Computers are regularly needed to be checked thoroughly, they can attract a number of viruses through downloading files and WiFi. It is kind of an after-sale service by the company. But nowadays it has become costly, where the need for computer maintenance arises.

If you are skilled enough to provide these services then there is a huge market waiting for you. Start a maintenance service that is a profitable business for continuous returns. An online start is a good way to make customers quickly.

Income Tax Practitioner


What if you are into taxation but you want to be your boss. The perfect way to earn money is to be an income tax practitioner. It is a different niche for those who are skillful enough to have knowledge of tax.

With the introduction of GST people require a number of tax practitioners to solve their problems. They are ready to pay what its worth, but they require quality services. If you are bridging this gap with your skills then your business can have great success.

Training Computer Classes

lecture room

You are really good at computer and you love its theory. This is great potential as most of the people don’t like the theory. They take computer classes to learn it all. Those minor points of MS word are usually missed, but if you m=can help those students to master the computer. The start of a training course.

Online courses are the most popular these days. Computer languages are one of the highly demanded computer courses in India. If you know some, start teaching now. Do follow tutor website to start teaching online. It will help you to get initial experience.

Stock Traders

pricing for security guard company

What does a computer cant do? It can provide you all the information if you can use it wisely. It can’t use that information to earn money, but you can. The best way to use it is by becoming a stock trader. You can get every detail online.

Start from learning the market, get familiar with the terms such as Sensex, nifty and shares. You can invest by setting up the time frame. Once you know the time frame, you are ready to use some money in the share market. A stock trader is a huge field, you can get certifications from SEBI that can help to begin your career.



Vlogging is a part of the YouTube channel. The videos you see now and then are posted by vloggers. If you are good at filming a video or just loved to film then you are on the right platform. This is one of the most innovative and fun computer business ideas. You would wonder where vloggers earn from?

Vloggers earn huge income from various sources. YouTube is a great source for information, whatever you want to know is available on YouTube. Where do you think this information comes from. Vloggers collect information in video format and upload it on YouTube. They get payment on every view, subscriber, and ads they get.

Computer Hardware

computer motherboard

The various parts of the computer are often damaged in a few months, they are needed to be replaced in some time. Computer hardware stores provide these services. As the demand for the computer is rising, the parts are getting much costlier.

At this point, this business has become profitable. If you keep an eye on the growing demand for digital technologies. You can easily know that their parts are even more demanded. It is important to consider that you require high-quality products.

Computer Cleaning Service

computer cleaning

While you are cleaning your office, no one even bothers to clean computers not even personal laptops are cleaned that often. This is not because people using them are lazy, they are just afraid that they might cause a technical issue with the parts. Here comes the need for a cleaning service.

Knowing the use of a computer is one thing and cleaning it from inside is another. A proper cleaning service is a great way if you are familiar with the hardware of the computer. You don’t have to know its price, you just need to know the way to clean it. Make sure that you don’t damage the parts.

Graphic Designing

graphic designing

From Facebook to every website that you see online is full of graphics. The uniqueness of colors and textures is developed by graphic designers. This business is based on skills. Higher the efficient skills, higher quality services you are able to provide.

Graphic designing business is on the rage, you need to have command on graphics. Start with learning a great way to learn and explore this area. The initial experience in this field can help you to get long term clients.

Web Designing

website designing

Websites are always on demand, every second a website is built. You are going into a field where you are most relaxed with your work. You get flexible hours, high pay and a great demand for services. Starting as a web designer needs some skills, go for good certifications.

Start with pluralsight that provides high-quality courses, so that you can learn great web designing skills. You can learn new trends sand upgrade your skills if you are already a web designer.

Digital Marketing

digital marketing

Marketing is in itself a greatly demanded business and when it comes to digital marketing, you are at an edge to work at home in your timeframe. You get a paycheque for the same services by providing them digitally.

The newest trends are your tool to use and innovate to compete with growing demand. The quality services as a digital marketer are seen to be very low in the Indian market. You can take advantage of it. Use your creative mind and provide customized services.

Content Writer/ Freelancer

content writer

Content is the power that a person has. If you can engage people in your words then you are just the person for writing content. Becoming content writing needs good command on the language. Learn with the YouTube channels to create your clients.

Get experience on the Fiverr. It has great potential to give you enough work. You should not be choosy at the beginning, as this business requires good experience. Initial experience will give high paying jobs in the future.

Computer Assembler

computer assembler

How do those people get high-quality computers at a low cost? It is because of assembling services that are provided in the market. You can become a successful entrepreneur in this market. The computer assembling market has not been explored enough by individuals.

Starting a computer assembling requires a business to be registered with the applied laws. You need to research the market depending upon the size of the business you are starting. Computer products vary from low to high margin. Having good knowledge of assembling is enough.

Computer Consultant

computer consultant

If you are thinking about a computer consultancy service, you need a deep knowledge of computers. It is a large domain that requires knowledge of computer models, hardware and software, technicalities, costs, etc.

Starting a computer consultancy business will require quality certifications. It builds trust among your customers. The various challenges that a user comes across with the computers need consultants. You can start your website that provides technical solutions to people.

Computer Repairing Service

computer repairing

Repairing services are used very often whether for computers or any other technology. If you gain good repairing skills at the computer, you are ready to diversify in other technologies too. Computer repair services is a vast domain, one skill leads to another.

Start an online service that provides repair at homes, This way you are reachable to huge customers. Get experience before jumping into the business. Go for practical courses or join a company as an assistant repair service provider. Initial experience will give you confidence and clients in the future.

Selling Used Computers

used computer sale

With the digital revolution, most of the people are aware of the need for a computer. They are ready to pay for the services a computer can offer. But the expense at which these computers are available is not affordable to all. This gap in society is filed by the used computer providers.

One of the main aspects of this business is the deep knowledge required for the technology, costs, models, and accessories. Once you know which model can be used for how much time and at what level then you can price them. It will help you to sell products at the correct price and enhance your sales by providing quality products.


The computer has become a new world for people. If you want to know about the services in a world then it cant end. The exciting way that the new generation technology has created, does not have any stop button.

You are lucky to work in this era. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. According to the survey the world will see digital services at the top until 2025. If not now then don’t know when.

If you have read above unique computer businesses then you are ready to work at home with a good pay-cheque.

If you are in doubt then comment below. We are here to help you.

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