32 Profitable Recycling Business Ideas For Making Huge Profits 2

32 Profitable Recycling Business Ideas For Making Huge Profits

Recycling business ideas

When you start thinking about creating real Money then you need to make your way in the right direction. The basic principle of the business remains the same “build money with a purpose”. The most likely option that you can strive at is the Recycling business.

One of the important reasons apart from huge profits is it helps the economy to grow as a whole and this is your contribution to society. A single factor that can build or destroy a recycling business is which type of business you are looking for.

Here are some of the top profitable recycling business ideas that have become popular in recent times, don’t forget to read them in detail.


1 Farm Waste Recycling Business

Why did the Farm Waste Recycling business make it to the number one place on the most profitable recycling business in India? Being the 90% population dependent on agriculture, India has increased wastage from Farms. The most important part of a farm waste recycling business comes from the percentage of waste it collects.

According to the detailed research by HalfMBA.com, we have come up with the conclusion that most of the waste which can be used in the recycling business is usually burned down. You can collect those kinds of waste for free and then turn them into profits. Also, the recycling cost is really low due to its decomposition.

Learn more about farm waste recycling here. Do follow this link and learn about all the government regulations applied to the Farm Waste Recycling business.

  • Investment required: 2lacs to 15 lacs
  • Estimated return on investment: 5% to 10%
  • Land required: yes

2 Plastic Recycling Business

Recycling business ideas

The abundance of plastic is known to all, if you have enough resources then it is a great option. Its profitability in the market has made it the second-best option for those planning for a recycling business. The main factor involved in the area in which you operate the business.

The machines, equipment, labor, funding and business plan is the second thing; your top priority should be the market. Whether you can produce top-selling recycled products or not and do you have enough market for that purpose? If yes, then just go for it.

You should always keep your focus on the above-mentioned strategies at any stage. These are very key steps that help your business to last long.

  • Investment required: 1lacs to 15 lacs
  • Estimated return on investment: 10% to 22%
  • Land required: yes

3 Water Recycling Plant Business

The question generally asked by school children is “why water is limited when the earth is made up of 80% water”. The confusion is long gone when we actually realized that usable water is limited. This realization has grown the market of the water recycling business and generated immense need.

Where there is a need in the market, there come high profitable businesses to their rescue; it is the motto usually followed by billionaires. The main aspect you must focus on while planning for a water recycling business; an efficient system of recycling water and various kinds of water recycling methods.

Take a look at the top competitor of the water recycling industry, Cambrian Innovation. Here you can have a broad view and even learn some new techniques that are trendy in the market. Your everyday goal is to check out these top-selling firms and learn more about them.

  • Investment required: 5lacs to 20 lacs
  • Estimated return on investment: 15% to 18%
  • Land required: yes

4 Recycling Glass Business

Recycling business ideas

Well, glass is not the huge consumable product then why it is among the top 4 in the list of shoetravel.com? The answer lies in a very simple reason; you can start this business even in your backyard. The very little efforts can make huge profits, this is what general business demands.

Of course, there are large scale companies who work in the glass recycling business industry but you have a plus point; it is low risk and high returns (they don’t).

While looking at the glass recycling business the major tricky part lied in the collection and processing. If you are able to establish these then you are good to go. How can you perform it? That question pops into everyone’s brain but the answer is different for every business. You can plan strategies according to your area and the customer’s needs.

  • Investment required: 20k to 5 lacs
  • Estimated return on investment: 8% to 15%
  • Land required: Not Neccessary

5 Aluminum Cans Recycling Business
Recycling business ideas

Aluminum contributes its largest production among aluminum cans; it gives the first reason why aluminum can is a great recycling business. You can manufacture recycled cans from aluminum cans and sell them in the market. What can be better than this? The raw material is itself the finished goods with slight processing needs.

When you come to think about aluminum can recycling business, the major aspect that you might want to consider is the amount of capital invested and the technology should be specifically restricted to modern methods. These are some aspects to make your business highly profitable.

If you are planning to start this business then go for funding and don’t rely on any other methods. Once you get the funding then you can use the market research done. The research will gain a place in the market.

  • Investment required: 35k to 8 lacs
  • Estimated return on investment: 6% to 10%
  • Land required: Yes

6 Recycling E-waste Business

Firstly, what is E-waste? It is the electronic waste that comes out of electrical items. You will generally find it at various large IT sector companies and other areas. The reason behind the E-Waste recycling business lies in low investment and good returns.

Any small business startup can be initiated through the E-Waste recycling business concept. You can approach large companies to collect the waste, well the market research is another aspect of the business. You need to contemplate the operational area from top to bottom and get thorough research done before starting the business.

The potential of the E-Waste recycling business is still not discovered. You can determine your place in the market if you go in the right direction. You can start looking at the business plan of the top E-Waste Recycling business.

  • Investment required: 3.5 lacs to 12 lacs
  • Estimated return on investment: 8% to 18%
  • Land required: Yes

7 Recycling Scrap Metal Business 

Recycling business ideas

Scrap metal is in itself a huge market where you need to choose which metal will be the dominant part of the business; while you can expand anytime. The metals range from iron to steel to the alloy to nickel and many more. Choosing which metal determines the whole structure of the business.

Everything in the world is made of one such metal that you can recycle and sell it into another form. It tells about the profitability of the business. The main thing that you must focus while planning for a scrap metal business is the cost involved in processing the metals.

If you are up to take that kind of cost and wait for the returns then this business is just perfect. Also, you must select the targeted market for the scrap metal recycling business. You may still have doubts, check out the top scrap metal recycling business ideas here.

  • Investment required: 2 lacs to 14 lacs
  • Estimated return on investment: 10% to 18%
  • Land required: Yes

8 PVC Recycling Business

What is PVC recycling? It is Polyvinyl Chloride used nationwide for various requirements. While the use of PVC is very cheap and thus it leads to high usage in the world. But the wastage from PVC processing is more than its usage. Now, this has given the opportunity to every businessman for a new generation business.

PVC recycling has been initiated for a very long time which has made its way into new places. Now you have various techniques and a variety of markets to sell. The major focus remains the same; processing requirements call for a good understanding of PVC.

You can start the PVC recycling business as it is a great recycling business idea; get a kickstart for your business by researching the market and collecting honest opinions from the market. These opinions will make your business worthy to survive in the market.

  • Investment required: 3lacs to 10lacs
  • Estimated return on investment: 10% to 20%
  • Land required: Yes

9 Recycling Plant Business

Here, the plants which we are talking about are not those found in a nursery but those which are used to recycle. As the recycling business is a huge segment, it has paved its way into the machinery sector. A great recycling business idea where you can support the recycling industry at great profits.

You must very well know about the high cost a machine can acquire and this will demand high costing for the survival of business; if you are ready to fulfill these needs then this business is just what you are looking for.

One tip: while starting a recycling plant business will look like a great recycling business idea; but you need to be ready for the hard work it demands. Don’t get attracted to the money when you see it from outside because the battle has not yet begun.

  • Investment required: 8 lacs to 18.66 lacs
  • Estimated return on investment: 14% to 19%
  • Land required: Yes

10 Food Waste Recycling Business 

This is the best kind of recycling business idea that you can ever think of. Businessmen have thought of this idea and made tonnes of money. You will love to know about the fact that how you can make food from the food. Yes, it is possible. I 

The wasted food is collected from various areas of a city and then converted into the food for animals and plants. This is a simple example of a Food waste recycling business idea. While there other forms of food waste conversions.

One such way where food waste can be converted is biogas; which is used as organic fertilizer.  How is food waste converted into biogas? The answer is simple: you have methods, one of them is treating the food without oxygen and converting it into solid or gas. You can choose to build a market understanding and create a new business.

  • Investment required: 35k to 4 lacs
  • Estimated return on investment: 10% to 12%
  • Land required: not necessary

11 Packaging Cartons Recycling

Recycling business ideas

Cartons are the base from which delivery of every product starts that has contributed to the abundancy in the production of these cartons. While once the product is delivered these cartons lose their use and hence demand good recycling ideas.

The thick layer of sheets is transformed and shredded into multiple layers. Carton recycling business has got popular within the last few years. You can discover new aspects of this business by contemplating market research and by collecting other surveys.

You take note that cartons are available at every location in thousands of numbers. The major part lies when processed goods flow in the market. Proper market understanding is the most crucial part of the business.

  • Investment required: NA
  • Estimated return on investment: 10% 13%
  • Land required: not necessary

12 Tyres Recycling Business
Recycling business ideas

We all know about the huge availability of tires but very few know about the huge gap in demand. Entrepreneurs are not able to satisfy these needs yet. It has given a chance for those startups who are planning to take this opportunity.

While if you want to take place in the market and become a successful tire recycling business then the major focus should be on the marketing strategies adopted. How can you canale an impact? You need to plan a research project to start a business plan.

Well, the starting capacity of the business is a major factor that you need to keep in mind. This capacity determines how much you can produce now and how much demand should be taken from the market. You can then expand a little and explore the market even more. 

  • Investment required: 3 lacs to 13 lacs
  • Estimated return on investment: 13% to 23%
  • Land required: yes

13 Utensils Recycling Business
Recycling business ideas

You would have not known about the fact that the utensils you are using right now are recycled. According to the Stainless Steel Forum, 80% of steel is recycled. The statement itself checks the huge demand for recycled steel in the market. 

The fact that easy recyclable methods are used to recycle steel makes Utensils recycling business a great recycling business idea. For all those startups who are trying their hands in this niche should majorly work on their marketing results.

The available market is enough to get high returns but the game-changer is the quality of products that a company can create. If they are long-lasting and make an impact then you are on the right track. This is the business code that you should keep in mind.

  • Investment required: 2lacs to 9lacs
  • Estimated return on investment: 8% to 13%
  • Land required: yes

14 Garbage Recycling Business
Recycling business ideas

The Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan introduced in India is not a surprise to any of us. We are not here asking to hive contributions while you should; we just want you to take this opportunity. You can build a supportive system for this upcoming demand in society.

While you are not only contributing but also earning good profits. Yes the government is doing its work but you can even work with them; the dumps are high enough to make a living or even go for huge returns.

If you want to get a kickstart in the business then directly start with the promotional strategy of the business as the demand exists for a long time; you will eventually get a hold of the business.

  • Investment required: 86k to 15 lacs
  • Estimated return on investment: 4% to 12%
  • Land required: yes

15 Paper Recycling Business
Recycling business ideas

The paper recycling business has been affluent for many years and if you are planning to take a low risk then you can start a paper recycling business. The recycling business ideas are never-ending but the paper recycling business has surely made its place in the recycling industry.

Every year thousands of tons of paper are dumped and the demand is rising more than ever. But the gap in supply and demand has never made it. You have enough opportunity to Become a successful paper recycling business. 

The main aspect is to understand the recycling business idea to its core. Where to start? Get the market understanding and then act accordingly. You may have worldwide demand but your operational area may give a different story.

  • Investment required: 40k to 9 lacs
  • Estimated return on investment: 13% to 16%
  • Land required: yes

16 Computer Recycling Business

Recycling business ideas

The technology is the fastest evolving thing available in the world; with fast evolution comes more wastage. Each individual aspires to have the newest tech in their hands and that leads to more sumping of old tech.

Computers are on the number place in this race and if you are not taking the opportunity of this increment then you may never be able to. The recycled products made by computer dumps are sold at huge returns. Here we are not giving a thought just to huge returns.

The different aspect of this recycling business idea is you are getting quick money. The pace at which tech evolves gives rise to this business tremendously.

  • Investment required: 1.5 lacs to 8lacs
  • Estimated return on investment: 9% to 12%
  • Land required: yes

17 Home Items Recycling Business

Recycling business ideas

Every person has this business in mind but how many of them can really make it into a living? Have you thought of selling unused items at your house or using them for other purposes generally called DIY? Well, the idea is old but still ensures high returns to many of the entrepreneurs.

You can start a successful Home item recycling business by keeping in mind a few points and looking for some basic aspects of the business. It usually starts as a small business and then it can grow into wild success if thought through.

You must focus on the kind of products and variety you will be processing. Then the collection process is really easy but further processing takes some lateral thinking on the part of owners. Give a thought and then take the risk.

  • Investment required: 1.7lacs to 10 lacs
  • Estimated return on investment: 6% to 12%
  • Land required: Not Necessary

18 Electric Wire Recycling

Recycling business ideas

The electric wires are made of copper which has various methods of recycling. You have a great recycling idea once you understand the basics of the business. The demand for recycled products and their variety is larger than you can imagine.

While moving on to the collection process, you may find some problems but these are easily solved once you set up regular buyers and collectors. Further processing is an easy method and that requires low cost which ultimately builds higher profits.

If you want to start the business and make it successful then majorly focus on maintaining your customers. The Wire industry has regular customers and fixed prices that affect customer satisfaction.

  • Investment required: 3 lacs to 18 lacs
  • Estimated return on investment: 10% to 25%
  • Land required: yes (storage only)

19 Packaging Material Recycling

32 Profitable Recycling Business Ideas For Making Huge Profits 3

Nowadays recycling is just not a business but a trend that you may want to be a part of. But just being part of the new trend is a waste of time, why not earn through these chance that we get once in a lifetime. The first step is to make a choice from a variety of packaging materials.

You have a lot of different kinds of packaging material now and these pose a decision in front of every entrepreneur. While tackling this choice you will come to know about the requirements of the market. These requirements will help you make the right choice.

Once you are in the market then the process gets easier. You will come to know that there are abundant activities that are not even discovered or explored. These will find a unique place on the market.

  • Investment required: 26k to 3 lacs
  • Estimated return on investment: 5% to 9%
  • Land required: not necessary

20 Cooking Oil Recycling
Recycling business ideas

The products that make the largest imports in India are oil and when India starts to recycle oil; it is even appreciated by the government and supported through various subsidies. Recycling cooking oil is a profitable business and works as a contribution to society.

While starting a great recycling idea, it is mandatory that you look forward to the recycling methods that will be used while processing. During the cooking oil recycling business, the processing methods are least impacted. What is demanded most is the availability of the cooking oil.

There will be no free collection, you will be required to invest a good amount of capital to earn high profits. Equipment cost is the major portion of the investment that can be a game-changer of the business.

  • Investment required: 4.8 lacs to 13 lacs
  • Estimated return on investment: 12% to 20%
  • Land required: NA

21 Mattress Recycling

Recycling business ideas

Well, this recycling business idea has a great fortune for some entrepreneurs in the industry. This idea is unique and well established. If you have a creative mind and are willing to put in the hard work required then you are halfway to success.

As mentioned above, creative minds will build a good collection system for mattresses and the equipment for the rest of the work. Also, investment is quite good and that’s why it is below on the list but who can’t get funds nowadays.

If you can get good funding then this business does really have a good chance. One of the important reasons for being a mattress recycling business a good success is its hidden aspects that are not even explored in India.

  • Investment required: 1.5 lacs to 12 lacs
  • Estimated return on investment: 5% to 10%
  • Land required: yes

22 Textile Recycling

Recycling business ideas

Here is a quick fact “India produces worldwide textiles and makes the largest production” this solves the availability problem for the textile recycling business. It is one of the reasons that the textile recycling business is a wild success for some entrepreneurs.

What some has not discovered in this great recycling idea? It is the thinking beyond the facts. Yes, you have good availability but if you are able to use those with optimum utilization then only it can earn high profits. If you stick to the old methods then margins can not be reached.

While for starters you need to understand the need for the market and culture to generate the products. If you satisfy the demands then you can eventually raise prices and earn high margins.

  • Investment required: 1 lac to 12 lac
  • Estimated return on investment: 10% to 20%
  • Land required: not necessary

23 Recycling Junkyard Furniture

Recycling business ideas

Have you ever purchased customized furniture for your home or office? Well, it is not that those are recycled but some of them are. Wood is a specific kind of metal that can be easily recycled which makes it a good recycling idea.

Due to the ever-changing needs of people in India, furniture has been dumped now more than ever. What is to be done with a huge dump? You need to make new furniture with this dump. It creates wonders out of old wood.

While there are various people who will need the good furniture and you can be one of those to help them. Provide recycled furniture at an affordable price. The returns of the business are average but if working on a large scale then it can be a wild success.

  • Investment required: 48k to 5 lacs
  • Estimated return on investment: 10% to 18%
  • Land required: yes

24 Medical Waste Disposal Recycling Business

Recycling business ideas

The medical sector is one of those sectors where the waste products are not measured in terms of money while the waste is large enough to create a new business. You can potentially get abundant medical waste provided you generate a good system of collection.

The important factor of a medical waste recycling business idea is its segregation stage. Here you have to segregate usable material with no usable ones. It is very important and poses a potential threat to diseases. Hence particular training is given to segregate the waste.

Then proper staff is required with high expertise and skills to ensure safety under every stage. If you are serious about planning business then go with market research available online. Work on those figures and then act accordingly.

  • Investment required: 2 lacs to 9 lacs
  • Estimated return on investment: 5% to 12%
  • Land required: not necessary

25 Rubber Recycling Business

Recycling business ideas

Rubber and its products are found in various things and they are easily available. You can find these in your locality and the demand for recycled rubber products is enormous. If you think why this recycling idea is on our list at the end.

Then yes we were saving it for the last. You may have never thought of this idea. But this recycling idea has become the trendiest one. You have easy methods to choose from while a proper business plan is required. If you want to make a start at this recycling business idea then be ready to do these.

You must start by choosing the type of products you will be producing then understanding the market and its needs to generate large volumes. After the finalization of the product, you must think for exceptional marketing strategies that stand out your business among the competitors.

  • Investment required: 2 lacs to 15 lacs
  • Estimated return on investment: 8% yo 19%
  • Land required: Yes

26 Vermicompost

Organic vegetables are on demand and if you don’t take a chance now then you may lose the highly profitable market. If explained correctly vermicomposting is a process where no chemicals or harmful products are used that may damage the body. You can produce efficient products that will last for a long time.

The vermicomposting business comes with various benefits, one such is you get a vast market to explore. From agriculture to households you can grab a good market share with enough demand. Starting a vermicomposting business is a great recycling business idea if you learn the basic techniques.

  • Investment required: 3 lacs to 13 lacs
  • Estimated return on investment: 15% to 25%
  • Land required: Yes

27 Book Binding Recycling Techniques 

Bookbinding is growing in terms of profit each year and if you want to try this recycling business idea then you must know that it is an easy one from all those mentioned here. You already have a huge waste from a paper in the industry. This waste can be used effectively.

However, Book Binding Recycling business idea demands investment at initial stages. It is a cost-effective process where margins are high only if all the processes are done in your recycling plant. This major need calls for a great investment that we have mentioned already.

  • Investment required: 25k to 2.8 lacs
  • Estimated return on investment: 5% to 12%
  • Land required: not necessary

28 Energy Management Recycling 

Recycling products to produce energy is one such great recycling business idea that took many years to perform in the industry. If you look at it now you will see a bundle of opportunities in the market. 

The main thing that should be taken care of while starting an energy management recycling business is cutthroat competition and that too from large scale business. It may be possible that you don’t get many profits at the initial stages but you need to be patient here.

  • Investment required: 5 lacs to 25 lacs
  • Estimated return on investment: 10% to 28%
  • Land required: yes

29 Second-Hand Shop

The second-hand goods industry is almost a by-product of every sector if you know how it’s done. The wastage that every business decomposed can be converted into a usable product and sold at an affordable price. The huge market is good news if you are planning for a second-hand shop.

One of the best recycling ideas gives a position to Second-hand shops. The major reason behind it is less costing and more margins. You need to set up good prices and proper research is to be done to sell the products. However, you can start producing multiple products at one time. 

  • Investment required: 40k to 3.5 lacs
  • Estimated return on investment: 10% to 13%
  • Land required: not necessary

30 Battery Recycling Business

Batteries amount to a small sector in India but when you look at it, the margins are high. Why this happens; basically due to wastage from batteries which is converted into fine products. These products have good demand.

If you are planning to set up a battery recycling business then you must know that it is counted under the energy sector. The energy sector comes with a lot of opportunities so as to diversify in the long term. You are required to collect honest surveys in this regard.

  • Investment required: 25k to 12 lacs
  • Estimated return on investment: 8% to 12%
  • Land required: yes

31 Dry Mixed Recycling Business

The dry waste comes from almost every sector of the market and when we talk about a large scale business then Dry Mixed recycling business ideas take their own share. It is a business where you collect all kinds of dry waste.

Once the collection is done then you get a chance to convert the waste or sell it. Both of them have their own profit margins where further processing will give more profits for some specific waste. This poses as a decision you need to take while starting the business.

  • Investment required: 5 lacs to 25 lacs
  • Estimated return on investment: 8% to 15%
  • Land required: Yes

32 Recycling and Disposal Services

The recycling industry is supported by the recycling and disposal services. It is an auxiliary service that also has huge demand. If this service is not provided then the recycling industry doesn’t stand anywhere. As the recycling industry is evolving, you get more chances at the auxiliary services.

As a small scale business, recycling and disposal services will prove to be a good recycling business idea. You can even diversify your reach to other sectors of the industry once the business is established.

  • Investment required: INR 80k to INR 2 lacs
  • Estimated return on investment: 20%
  • Land required: Depends upon the size of business (home based or storefront)

A quick bite at major needs of recycling business

Legal Requirements

First of all, you must understand why legal requirements pose great importance in the recycling business? The answer is simple, the recycling industry has fewer rules and regulations and anytime the government may cease the business. It makes it really essential to complete every legal need.

You can approach a legal advisor if you are still in doubt but shoetravel.com has curated one of the specific lists of legal requirements that will help to its core.

  • Business Structure: The first need is to choose an ideal business structure from the 4 options. A partnership firm, sole proprietorship, corporate company, and HUF. Each of them will come with their own benefits and liabilities. You can know in detail here.
  • Business License: According to the chosen business structure you can easily apply for a business license. Even it can be done online too. Click here.
  • Learn about recycling laws: now you must know how recycling is done and what laws prevent you from some specific process. For examples here is a guide to plastic recycling laws.
  • Land lease/ purchase agreement: it is a major part of the recycling business. You need to provide proof of land so that your business can start correctly.

Marketing Ideas

The recycling business is not far from marketing. As all the businesses require some kind of marketing techniques this one too. It helps you to spread the word and reach out to every place as you can.

Here are some followed:

  • Awareness programs: creating awareness in society is the biggest form of marketing for the recycling business. You can introduce your brand to these programs very easily. Even these programs are attended by large companies.
  • Product Advertising: recycled products are given preference anyway so you can market your products easily. Also the innovation parties here. You can identify the needs of people and innovate new recycled products.
  • Online Presence: A website is the first step towards marketing your business and reaching to every place in the world. You have various other options such as digital marketing is one such biggest platform.
  • Waste disposal Alternatives: well the large industry has a huge number of customers, they are ready to know about new alternatives. If you suggest some of them then your customers will connect with your company personally. It will enhance the brand image of the company.


Recycling business ideas

If you are reading this conclusion then it is clear that you are really serious about the various recycling business ideas. We hope that you have chosen more than one option for your future ventures. Choosing multiple options will help you understand which business is an ideal one.

Here is a TIP# We have done detailed research that curated the top recycling business ideas. If you want to make your business successful then it is recommended to work on your research.

Did you love recycling business ideas? What is your opinion towards the above businesses? Which one would you want to do? Which business did you found most exciting? Have any questions?
Share your valuable feedback in the comments below.

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