44 Best Tech Startup Ideas That Will Work For You In Future 2

44 Best Tech Startup Ideas That Will Work For You In Future

tech startup ideas to begin with

Tech startup business ideas are unlimited but who says each of them will get you success. The most proven and tested startups are only the ones that will get you near to the success. While hard work depends on you but the road can be mapped here. We have curated a list of tech startup business ideas that are famous in India not due to some rumor but due to their real success.

The world is evolving with new technology and you got to know the updations. Did you wonder how you will know about each technology? You cant, you need to figure out which technology can work for you to the best. Here are those ideas; 


21 Proven Tech Startup Ideas in the World

44 Best Tech Startup Ideas That Will Work For You In Future 3

The technology world is evolving into some of the best ideas that may give you doubts. Sometimes some of these ideas may fail but why take a risk when halfmba.com has given a sure shot list of ideas. There are some proven ideas in the technology world that you can definitely take a look at.

1 Digital Transaction Platforms

What would any entrepreneur in the world love? It is an easy way of doing business. How do you make it easy for them? One such way is digital transaction platforms. Yes, we already have Paytm, but have you ever thought that once we add money to Paytm it can only be used through Paytm.

It is like a dead-end for some so yeah! You have limitations to digital transaction platforms. But tech is all about breaking these limitations. If you are able to do that then get ready for a great business. Well, it’s always best to take a look at other options so here are some more.

2 Retail Trading Services

Well, there is a big business world that trades inside out. You have a lot of opportunities in trading services. I guarantee there is not one but hundreds of trading services but naming a few; we have price fixation, risk prediction, demand forecasting, supply management, and various others. You have a good opportunity in any of these. 

Qmatch is one such example which deals in customizations of sales data that helps to get a look at hidden areas. These services hold a greater market in the business. 

3 Artificial Intelligence 

Today there is no business that does not get help from Artificial Intelligence. The abundancy is not the only reason while thinking about artificial intelligence we are already taking a look at our future. If you are really serious to start a technology-based startup business then there is no better choice than an Artificial Intelligence supporting business.

Well enough of explaining, now let’s go down to knowing some of the real masters of this section. Well, who doesn’t know about Uber but if you think that just building an app is what you need then you are wrong. The artificial intelligence is the core concept behind everything.

4 Cloud-Based Softwares

Cloud computing is one such high-level concept that is even taught at last year to engineering students but the necessity is really vast. If you look at the businesses that are under this niche then the list is never-ending but what is more interesting? It is that the demand is increasing day by day.

Starting by the biggest example of Google who is earning a good share of money through its cloud storage. Even copying that idea many new cloud storage platforms are present in the market. Don’t think that they are not earning because a huge market means huge money.

5 Data Security Service

As far as the data is reaching in India, the need for its protection gets bugger. Now India us standing at an edge where if data is not protected then the future is dark. Looking at this need many companies have already taken initiative but there are quite large gaps yet to be fulfilled.

So you are waiting for whom, start filling these gaps by introducing effective data security platforms. If you are not aware of any of these platforms then take a look at the security services of Microsoft. Yes, it is a giant competitor in the business world but there are small ones too. 

6 Hi-tech Delivery Service

The concept of delivery service has been old but the Hu-tech world has still areas to be explored. If you don’t know then bote drone now about the drone delivery services that are highly attractive. Even the government is looking for good manufacturers to help them out. It is just a matter of time that this business is going to be the biggest revolution in the delivery service sector.

Currently, there is limited service in India but this is not a disadvantage. You can use this feature and grab the opportunity to become a monopoly in the market. Even small businesses can affect largely here.

7 Talent Acquisition Service

When we specifically talk about India then employment us a big issue. But frankly speaking, the major cause of the low employment rate is not the availability of work. The real problem is there are no services that can match your skills with the right kind of employment. It takes years to find out which job is suitable for me. 

Not now because the talent acquisition services have made it so easy that you and I should not worry about a job anymore. Well, the biggest example of one such service is True, search for a job, and get various options. 

8 Technology Repairers

As I think more and more about technology the need for a repair worker builds up even more. Why? The technical equipment break within a fraction of second and by just a single touch. Can you handle that? I mean can you even stay for a minute without technology? I cant. 

The addiction to technology has made a way to repair sector demanding more than ever. If you start a repair business now then I assure you to get some work by the end of the day. Even the investment is as minimum as you can imagine. If you have good repair workers or repairing knowledge then thats it, you are ready.

9 Specialty Based Experience 

Technology nowadays not just about fulfilling the needs of people. There is a second side to it and that is giving you experience that you can only imagine in your mind. If you want to look at a unicorn on a snow mountain then just put on your VR Box. This kind of special experience is only possible with high technology.

The above statement may have already given you a tech business idea. These specialty experiences are not just limited to VR Boxes, you can have a 7D theatre and various other opportunities to explore.

10 Tech in Kitchen Startups

Tech in Kitchen Startups, the more confusing this tech business idea sounds; the easier it gets. Have you ever tasted a 3D printed food? If not, then try it now because it is a real-life experience for a person living in the 21st century. You will come to know that there are various other technologies that are helping in the kitchen.

The cloud kitchen is one such famous technology that has evolved kitchens drastically. I have abundant of these technologies on my mind but you got to find your own niche in this sector as it is a large one. One tip, all those chefs are more than welcome for this tech business idea.

11 Technology Manufacturers 

If everyone is gound to use high-quality technology then who is going to produce them? If you are coming from a smart minded background then I bet this tech business idea will take you a long way. The manufacturing business gives the highest returns in India.

If you are amazed to know the above given great news then be ready to have another surprise because the technology sector is the highest performing sector in India. So it is kind of a double return for any manufacturer. If I wanted to name one business then I can’t because there are thousands of them starting from a mobile to a factory machine.

12 Immersive Technology 

Let me explain a big here: immersive technology is an extended reality that uses 360 space. It means you will be looking at virtual things in your own area. Yes, that is possible now. This business involves graphic designing, high definition images, accurate tracking, and much more.

Right now this kind of technology is actively seen in gaming sectors. If you look at the large companies of the world then gaming companies are all-time favorites. They are earning even in the recession so what more you can expect. High profits with high-quality technology.

13 Online Fraud Prevention Services

Yes if we clearly think then frauds are prevalent in the online network and market has provided with enough services to fight against these frauds. Yeah! The plus point is yet to be noted that profits are really high in this sector. Why? Online fraud prevention services are more of a necessity than a want.

Any individual will get prevention from fraud. Fortet is one such business that helps in preventing fraud. You can take a look at their services. The need for these services is growing rapidly and you have a huge demand.

14 Technical Content Writer 

If I ask you to get a tech business idea that doesn’t demand any technology, then a technical content writer is the first thing that comes to mind. You can write whatever you want as far as you are writing for a technical field. Yes, you will require good information in the technical matters but you can learn easily from google.

Even you can start a small writing house that publishes authentic content over technical matters. It will create a space in the market and you can easily share your technical knowledge. And what is better than getting paid for what you share? The most important thing to keep in mind here is provided authentic and useful information to the readers through various channels.

15 Technology Podcast 

There is not a limited way of sharing your technical knowledge to the world you can reach out to the world by using the way audio and that is a podcast. Why is this tech business idea shown separately? The only reason is its popularity around India and other countries. You may not know it but the demand is growing rapidly.

The attached benefit to earn money through a technical podcast if you get to be popular around the world. The reach of podcasts is not limited to India. The biggest podcasts listened to in India are on Jio Music and Spotify. These platforms have the opportunity to collaborate and share your podcasts.

16 Website Developers

The old is gold and the oldest form of earning through a tech business idea is website development. One who knows how to develop a good website can attract potential customers within days. On this day you will find each business from small to large with their website listed on the internet. 

Getting a website for your business has become a trend and you can earn tonnes of money through it. While even if you don’t know how to build a website then don’t worry because you have online courses that are easy to learn and really affordable. These courses will help you build a basic website within days.

17 Technology Educators

Don’t forget our computer teachers, they deserve some respect to teach us. Well if you really think about your interests and to cone you to the point that teaching is something you like; then I would not stop you from being an IT tutor. This profession has become a necessity for children.

There is one more opportunity that most of us ignore is coaching classes. The technology is not limited to computers but extends to various courses like java, C++, tally, and various others. So get on your feet and start teaching now.

18 UX Designing 

What is UX designing? It is basic research on users that helps to improve products. While the interesting thing about UX designing is it is done online. You do have to survey or anything. Just sit and let the technology do its work. The results of the research are paid at high charges.

What do I love about UX designing? It is applied to every business sector. Any products can be improved by using UX designing in its targeted market. More than that you also don’t have to waste tonnes of money on researching customers a d getting their feedback.

18 Renting Your Technology 

What is the meaning of high tech equipment if you don’t use it? There is one meaning to it, maybe it is bought to earn money. Give it to someone and charge them for using it. What do most beginner photographers do? They get high tech cameras on rent and start their work. If you have something like that then give it on rent.

Or maybe just buy some high tech equipment and start a store to give then on rent. As there are a lot of individuals in India who may not afford to buy this kind of stuff but are easy to pay for the rent. 

20 Tech Blogger 

Blogs have existed since computers came so as the profits. Imparting your technical knowledge can be done in its easiest form through blogs. If you have beginner skills then get a free blog online. This way you will heat good experience and you can start writing to improve yourself.

Reddit is a known blog app where you can write and share. For all those who are serious about writing a tech blog, they can go to WordPress and get a WordPress id to start writing their tech blog.

21 Online Dating Apps

We all have used dating apps, these apps also used high technology sources to be built and operated. Tinder is the most famous app that I can remember right now and there are various others. The dating apps are proven more effective than matrimony sites in the current era.

You will find high profits in the application sector. The major function that is even not known to most of us is dating apps that are used by every age group. It means you have a vast reach to every individual in India. 

10 Software Based Tech Business Ideas

44 Best Tech Startup Ideas That Will Work For You In Future 4

Technology is majorly based on software. If you have good software then you can attract more customers, that’s the known truth. The hidden truth behind a software business is there are particular sectors that provide higher profits for their Softwares. We are going to introduce those sectors here for you.

1 Healthcare Softwares

Starting from a clinic to a hospital each of them demands a customized software for their working. Larger the organization, the larger their need for software. Also, one software is not enough for a medical organization; they require multiple software to make their work easy.

One such highly used software is software applications used for connecting patients to hospitals, drug companies to medical representatives, and much more.

2 Legal Helpers

In the world of networking if you don’t find people on your fingertips then the business comes to an end. The best solution to the problem is getting online services. Legal services are in such services that are required by customers quickly. How do these legal services work? They majorly connect with your top legal associates.

Beyond connecting, there are also major tech benefits such as communicating with legal advisors, getting background checks, checking ratings, and various other options. Law click is one such biggest example of a legal service tech business startup.

3 Credit Services

Gone are those days when you get credit money in cash. It is time where you get credit whenever and wherever you want within no time. These services have various other additional services that also earn good profits such as transaction management, paying bills, and shopping. 

I would refer you to Tala as the follow-up example to get inspiration. You can check out the services and know yourself what kind of tech startup idea they have built. It is one of a kind idea that has really worked for the needs of society.

4 Antivirus Softwares 

We all have computers, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets; all these necessary items are prone to attract viruses after some time. What is the solution to this problem? The permanent solution is to install an antivirus program. While installing the program is not an end because it needs to be renewed after a period of time.

Every organization has this kind of program as it is required necessarily. Virustotal is one such antivirus service that has proven to be successful startups under the technology sector. The major advantage of an antivirus service startups is you get to make and sell it online.

5 Transport on the go

Online transport services have only made it possible to reach faster from anywhere even un an unknown city. Now I can freely travel anywhere in the world by just downloading an app and that is Uber. Uber can be booked from anywhere around the world.

This is the power of technology that makes all these miracles possible. And what do we pay for a miracle? The huge profits are the only result of these great startups. If you think there are many competitors then note that the market still needs more services. So be ready to start a wildly successful business.

6 Virtual Marketplace

This has been the new face of technology that has been launched by various websites. One such biggest virtual marketplace that can be seen is Facebook. You can list your products and find buyers easily. The price, address, contact details, and other information about the products can be displayed.

You can launch a marketplace that is specifically for trading. One specific virtually marketplace is the Meesho app. It has options where you can buy or sell the product and earn profits. These kinds of apps are booming in the industry with various features given on the app. 

You can start a virtual marketplace business by developing an efficient app. If you have quality products to sell then this app can go for the long term. Also, marketplaces to sell are very few which means minimum competition.

7 Live Chat Service

Research software is largely used software in the world as it can be applied to every business. This benefit of research software also demands high tech equipment. You can use this software at tour own business or sell it to multiple organizations. There is a variety of software.

Customer product surveys, demand research, supply research, health research, education research, customer relationship research, and various other researchers can be done so that upcoming predictions can be done.

8 Tech Solutions Platform

While getting used to technology we all at some point demand solutions for various problems. As a coin has its flip side, similarly every technology has its problems that show up in some time. If you know this hidden secret then you can reveal a group of solutions for all those problems. 

A technology platform is the best way to earn good money and it is also a flexible way of earning. You can research different aspects of technology and even come up with that solution that you found for your problems.

9 Streaming Service

Online streaming service is where you can watch popular tv shows, movies, music, and various others. They have become an alternative to television. With the ongoing demand, you can neglect the high profits they produce. Even you would be bunging at one of the streaming services before reading this.

Netflix is a proven example that gives us inspiration, what it takes to become a streaming service provider? You need to purchase the shows you want to telecast and develop a website. While there are other options too such as amazon prime video, Jio tv, and Hotstar. You can start a streaming service with your unique features.

10 Shopping Service

The best outcome of technology is the online shopping service according to me. It has proven the best way to save money and time. While the online shopping platform earns more than we imagine, how? The delivery cost, everyday sales, deals, and various other options are some of those that attract customers to shop daily.

If you take a look at any shopping website, myntra, or shein or amazon; the result is the same; they have abundant customers that shop daily. The quality of products is sold on the basis of price but the technology is helping them earn well.

13 Technology Application Business Ideas

What technology-based startups are well-performing? This list will tell you and you can note them now. The popular but successful tech business ideas that actually use technology are here.

Genetic Testing Application 

44 Best Tech Startup Ideas That Will Work For You In Future 5

Genetic testing application is a technology that mainly determines your health conditions and diagnosis of whether your symptoms have occurred due to genetic conditions. These are highly efficient and qualified technology equipment that is not found everywhere.

The cost of making these machines is high and sold at even higher prices. 

Metagenome is one such company that specializes in this sector. It provides genetic testing services. With the help of generic testing applications, various healthcare is earning huge profits by detecting accurate diseases.

1 Robot Production 

If you get worried, how will you produce a robot? Then no need to panic because robots come in different sizes and variations. You have a bundle of opportunities to make robots and especially these are sold at a very high cost. The demand for robots is always up and India is a huge market.

Invento robotics can be your starting journey in the field of robotics. They provide various services including humanoid robots, single machines, production lines, and various other services. This business is basically dependent on the performance and reliability of the robot. You can even export robots from India as there are various opportunities around the world.

2 Chatbots

Have you ever visited a website to lodge a customer complaint? Well, the chatbots are waiting for you there to answer your complaints. This is a general process by every organization but this technology is outsourced and you can be the company that supplies this technology. It requires good communication software and has high profits.

Quytech is a startup that makes chatbots for all over India. You can understand what services a chatbot provides. The chatbots are applied to every other website found on the internet and they are effectively using it.

3 Translation Technology 

The greatest use of technology held in various tourism sectors is translation tech. It is used at an official meeting and even on various websites. This tech helps to communicate around the world effectively. Well, the translation technology sector does not end in India. It has a vast scope in all over the world.

Transperfect is the translation technology manufacturing company that allows various users to connect beyond the boundary of language. It is one such technology that helps us to communicate in every country. The global brands use this technology in India and in every other country. It breaks language barriers.

4 Food Management with Tech

The various food services in India (both online and offline) requires a proper system of management. While the management system is totally based on high tech techniques such as customer management, supply management, sales record, and much more. It has become necessary for technology to work.

How did technology earn in the food industry? You have the technology for every service provided in the food industry from serving to cooking to delivering. Technology helps to earn quick money. Start a food delivery service or a restaurant the high tech equipment is the best to use for a successful business.

5 Product Trackers

Yes, you read it right! There are trackers for a product and this technique is available in India. You can start a product tracking business, it helps in various sectors such as the delivery sector, super malls, and various other. This business has been growing since the introduction of inline apps to deliver goods.

More the goods are delivered, the more product tracking apps are required. Well, the game-changer is good features of a product tracking system such as quick response, customer care services, and much more. Technopurple in the product tracking business is a good inspiration to have a look at.

6 Chat Application 

I am sure you just used WhatsApp, of course it is our daily need. Just like that Facebook was once our need. And so on our need will be shifted on some other apps. It just depends upon how the upcoming chatting apps evolve. If you build an app that sends real-time images or has unique features then a chat application is a success.

There are already enough competitors but the chat application business doesn’t end at Whatsapp. If you take a good look then you will see that various websites require a chat application that can be constructed and sold at good prices.

7 Printing Ebooks

Who has time to read nowadays? But can you read while traveling or walking? Yes, so ebooks have become a new demand for any book reader. As it is one such beneficial thing that can not be avoided. Even regular studies nowadays are part of e-books. Ebooks are changing how the world studies.

Amazon Kindle app is the most popular app where you will find almost every book. The app allows you to read from anywhere and buy the original version. The most important part is the cost of printing books is really low so yeah! Less investment and high margins.

8 Real-time Crop Monitoring Service

Technology has contributed to every sector and even in the agricultural sector, technology has its own role. You can look at effective crop systems and various other examples but the most impacted service is real-time crop monitoring that helps farmers to keep a look at these crops from far away.

Why is this service required? The ongoing workload of farmers is enough to require this technique. They can do multiple tasking by using real-time crop monitoring systems. Also, this system can be sold to the government and that will earn good profits.

9 IT Equipment on Sale

Selling technology is bo surprise and the evolution of technology has made it possible to earn high profits. How? Here is an example, if you buy a phone then that phone gets old within a year as new models are launched. Hence you buy a new phone. This update at every other minute causes more profits.

The technology sector is booming and so are your profits. It is the best time to invest in the technology sector and selling high tech equipment comes with high margins. You will get to sell a variety of equipment available in the market.

10 Tech Insurance 

Theft and robbery are common issues in India and insurance are available for everything to prevent this issue. Even tech insurance has become a popular tech business idea nowadays. What is actually done here? You register your technology which is safeguarded by insurance. On the theft of this technology, you get reimbursement.

Of course you need to read the rules in detail to get the insurance. Policybazaar is one such website that will get you tech insurance with any other insurance required. It is an effective way to save yourself from future losses. You can start a tech insurance business easily by collaborating with an insurance company.

11 Drone Picture Stock

The pictures that are used for commercial purposes are generally paid for a good amount but it is not possible for everyone to visit nearby places and click pictures. Here comes a solution where you can click pictures through a drone without even visiting the nearby places. The technology has made it easier to click quality pictures.

These pictures are then uploaded on the website where they can be downloaded by paying an amount. It is a good source of income with less investment. Shutterstock is one such website where you are able to find various paid pictures.

12 Computer Part Seller

The age of computers has never stopped evolving so if you want to move with the world then you need to have your computer updated. What updates these computers are the high tech parts. The most found feature of the computer part store is they are not available at every locality. Which means very less competition.

Also, not only the high tech parts but even the ordinary pats are replaced once in a while by users. The assembling of computers is also a good option for a computer part seller. This kind of sector has multiple sources of income.

13 Smartphone Accessories Provider

In India, there is not a single person who doesn’t carry a smartphone. Any person who has this phone will break it after sone time so why not start providing accessories to these phones. The market is every household of India which is quite big. Also, you get to sell a variety of products.

The technology is prone to damage in some time and so the need for smartphone accessories is neverending. If you look at profits then they are high. Note that you will be required to set up a store that has a unique location or an online store with large access.


44 Best Tech Startup Ideas That Will Work For You In Future 6

The top tech business ideas have to sum up all the possible business ideas. You may suggest more in the comment section below. I hope you found various opportunities from the above-mentioned business. These businesses are suitable for all those who are looking for a good option in the information technology sector.

Here is a tip# Learn about the practical aspect of each business you step into, even the industrial exposure would help to avoid mistakes.

Which business suits you the best? Did you find your favo

rite tech business idea? What is your opinion? Do you want to add more? 

Share your thought in the comments section below 

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