Unique Ecommerce Business Ideas Worth Try In 2020 2

Unique Ecommerce Business Ideas Worth Try In 2020

Have you researched a lot about eCommerce business ideas but didn’t found anything you didn’t already know. We all know Amazon is among the top retail websites and Shopify is another to create websites. But are you done with it?

unique Ecommerce business ideas

We are here to your savage, introducing unique ideas that can be transformed into a successful business. What we are focusing on here is the market which is not explored enough but demanded at large by customers.


Check out the list of Ecommerce business ideas & find your perfect idea:

Free Food Samples business

E-commerce business ideas

What is the first question that came into your mind? How do you earn from this kind of business? Free samples are a kind of marketing strategy already followed by big giants in the industry.

There are limited legal websites that can work for those businesses. You can start by introducing a platform where a business can connect to the market. After that, you can market their samples to the specific market of their choice.

You can explore this niche and become a uniquely successful business. You have to build a network with a huge market present out there.

Online Education

E-commerce business ideas

Education is on the rise nowadays. The eCommerce websites are already present as your competition. What makes you different from those? IS it the quality of education?

Well, of course, that is a factor. But the most important part is, how a simplified way is introduced by your website.
An online educator has an advantage in terms of knowledge. The more skilled you are in a variety of subjects, the more profitability your business will achieve.

Resale Websites

E-commerce business ideas

There is nothing in the market that cant is resold. But there is no simplified platform that helps you to do that. Some of the websites are available to do that, then too they are not popular enough.

The factor which is lacking to make it a success is the uniqueness. The demand for people to get the right buyer for a resale product is not fulfilled. Some of the new parameters need to be introduced to match the buyer and seller.

Price Comparison Websites

E-commerce business ideas

Do you sometimes hurdle with checking various websites for a particular thing? Then you buy that product and after a few days, someone gets a better deal on the same thing. Well, then you know how frustrating it is.

Starting a price comparison website will give you an edge because you don’t have enough competitors in the market. But the demand is huge. Maybe you can be one of your first customers.

This kind of business calls for research in the market and simplified platform. However, money can be huge if you can build a convenient website.

High Tech Delivery System
high tech delivery system

Deliveries have become a part of our daily lives. But we all have that moment when the delivery guy was not reachable or delivery was canceled half an hour ago. These kinds of problems are unadjustable hence solutions are worth paying.

A high tech delivery system will eliminate these problems. What we mean by high tech is some resources can enhance the delivery experience. Every time you don’t need to scold delivery guy and he has to rush for that delivery.

Drones are one of the ways accepted by most of the countries in the world. We are sure you can found out new ways to build a successful high tech delivery service.

Create Websites

E-commerce business ideas

What is the starting point of an eCommerce business? It is a presentation of your business idea into a website. So that you have a digital presence. Who are those people that create the digital presence of online websites?

There comes your part. You can create a website that is attractive, customized and unique. Shopify is one of the highly influential businesses that can be your biggest competitor. But what is better than to learn from your competitor.

Online Retail Store

E-commerce business ideas

Selling on an online retail store has been the first use of the internet that comes to the mind. Even if you are already a business or an expert in business just start selling it online. You just need to learn the basics of a particular market.

Online stores have great competition in the market. If you are planning to build one then you must consider your idea before starting the business. A unique idea can get you to advantage, but if it can be easily copied then maybe think twice.

Do read our books to evaluate your business idea and help to start a successful business.

Software Selling

E-commerce business ideas

Computers and laptops are the daily used electronic devices. What they need most to work with quality is great software. That software is making people’s lives easier. They may be costly but if they are useful, it is worth to buy them.

You cant simply start a software business online. Before it, you require basic knowledge of developing quality software and legalities involving them. Market understanding is a different aspect that is a must to think about.

Research well about the needs of people and then develop quality software. Check if anyone has patented that software already. Go for promoting it by your online website.

Online Nursery

Online Nursery

Plants are part of life. Every household requires a bundle of plants. Also, the demand for plants increased after the introduction of the use of plants in the schools. You may have heard of children gifting plants on their birthdays.

The nursery is difficult to locate and more than that getting specific plants is much more of a problem. You can become the facilitator who rescues to this need of people and provide every kind of plant at home.

Bag store

Bags in bag store

The attraction for bags is not hidden by anyone. Whether women or men both need to have a separate collection of bags. With the evolving industry, the trendy classification of bags has increased the demand even more.

You may not be struggling with this idea if you are a bag lover too. Also, you can’t forget the high demand for school and office bags. It is time you move to this industry and fulfill the demand.

But what makes your business unique from those high-class brands. It is the availability of your products online. Also, you can provide customized bags satisfying the needs of every person.

Online News Portals

E-commerce business ideas

Most of the newly available online are from popular TV channels, who are updating digitally too. But do they focusing on digital news? The separate digital news department is yet to be explored.

Now is the time that you start doing that. Online news will require sources that can get you authentic information. You will need to present information uniquely and more simply. Those little boxes on the news channel are way boring for people.

Creating something easy to read and understand but with the right information makes an online news portal different.

Customized Box Store

Box Store

Boxes are used as a part of the packaging for majorly most of the products in India. You may not realize its potential but the way this industry is evolving it was mandatory to include it in this list.

Boxes are required but they are not available as per the demand. It is time you take this opportunity and start an online customized box store. It will help people to get boxes according to the size needed.

You may have seen box factories but your online platforms who provide boxed in the country are rare. You can grasp this need of the market and make it into profit.

Content Creation Websites

E-commerce business ideas

Digital media get its power from the content. Usually, content writers research various authorized websites and make their content attractive through editing. This can be done by your website.

You can start a content helping website that makes the content look attractive and high quality. The market is way huge then you can even expect. It is a unique idea that is not much explored by people.

Toys and Books
Toys and toy house

The craze for gaming has increased in the world more than ever. For leisure hours people are usually involved in toys or books. If you are a platform that provides both then a uniques service is already created.

What you need now is just to market your brand to attract customers. To start with, research about the great books that are read most. Then you need to know about the trending books. And lastly, get them on your website.

In the toys section, PlayStations are the most demanding games. Apart from that high tech toys is one more niche that you can explore. A hoverboard is one of the examples.

Human Resources

E-commerce business ideas

In the digital era, just the things are not supplied even the personnel is provided at various places. This market is huge from maids to laborers to marketing executives every job is fulfilled online.

Remember naukri.com, it is one the major competitor of the market. But the unique part is no platform provides human resources for servants and jobs in one place. Here is the opportunity that you can use to transform your life.


E-commerce business ideas

The most influential businesses are those who are bridging the gap between the needs of society and the currently offered services. If you can do that then there is nothing better. You are already on board for a successful business.

The next aspect that you need to cover is the skills required in the field to provide quality work. If you are not efficient at that level then maybe think about something else. You must start practicing what you will be promoting.

We hope that you found this article helpful.

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