Candle Making Business Plan- How To Start Your Own Profitable Startup 2

Candle Making Business Plan- How To Start Your Own Profitable Startup

Candles that have been in existence since decades were earlier used as a source of lightning in India. But now with many more efficient lighting sources being invented, candles are used just as a decorative item. Candles are used in various forms in our country and the demand has been ever-increasing.

Now that the uses of candles are increasing, the market potential has also been very significant. Apart from being used as a decor item in homes, scented candles are also equally famous for giving home the desired aroma.

Candle Making business undoubtedly holds a lot of potentials to become a high earning source of income. This low investment business plan can be pursued without any professional skills. Even housewives who are seeking for home-based business opportunities can give this a thought because Candle making a business plan makes a great part-time business.

Candles come in different shapes, sizes, aromas, and colors, and the procedure of making each of them is pretty easy. Following is the detailed business plan about the planning and execution of candle making business and how you can earn big profits from it.


Market Potential

The market potential of any product-based business plan relies mostly on the demand of the product in the market. And if we talk about candles, then the market provides a lot of scope for earning and expansion in business. The demand for candles is increasing because of its varied uses on different occasions.

Candles are also not a season depended product which means that the demand is present throughout the year. It is one of the business plans that can be started with low investment capital and a home-based commercial unit. A lot of entrepreneurs are stepping into candle business because they provide affordable capital investment as well as have a high-profit margin.

The small scale business of candle making will not require you to own any machinery. The raw materials that are used for making candles are easily available plus they are very cheap. So that’s why within minimal investment you can high amount of revenue through the Candle Making Business plan.

Candle Making Business Plan- How To Start Your Own Profitable Startup 3

Raw Materials

As one would assume, the main component of the candle making process is wax, but there are also other ingredients that are used in candle making. The procedure is really easy and the raw materials required are very limited. You may refer to the following list of raw materials for candle making:

1. Wax

Wax is the main ingredient that is involved in the candle making process. It constitutes the most among all the parts. Wax contributes 60% in candle making. It is basically an organic compound that comes in its natural form. To name, the wax is of following types:

  • Paraffin Wax- It is the white-colored wax that is produced from petroleum or oil shell.
  • Beeswax- Beeswax is the natural wax that is collected as a by-product of honey bees.
  • Carnauba Candles- Another name of Carnauba wax is brazil wax which is collected from Palm trees
  • Bayberry Wax- Bayberry wax is the form that is derived from fruits.

2. Stearic Acid

Stearic Acid is basically saturated fatty acid which is used in the process of candle making. It contributes about 40% of the raw materials that are used for making candles. They are melted in high temperature then poured for carrying out the process.

3. Wicks

Wicks are braided strands of cotton that helps in accommodating the lighting in candles.

4. Aroma and Colors

As we all know candles come in different aromas and colors that have various purposes. Different aromas are used in candle making such as lavender, strawberry, chocolate, cookies, vanilla, etc. Also, they come in different colors, pink, red, blue, yellow, orange, etc.

5. Molds

Molds are the ones that are responsible for giving candles the desired shape. The standard candle is a long cylindrical one, but now we see the variety of shapes in candles such as spiral ones, square, circular, floating candles that comes in the shape of a thick coin, etc.

Candle Making Business Plan- How To Start Your Own Profitable Startup 4

Candle Making Machines

Like candles, the machines that make candles also have different types. Candle making machines are manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic. They vary on the basis of the amount of work that we have to put in the process.

1. Manual Candle Making Machines

Manual Machines are basically handy machines that need manpower to operate. This type of machine work by molding the raw materials in order to form a candle. The production rate of manual candle making machines is 300 to 1800 per hour.

2. Semi-Automatic Candle Making Machines

Semi-Automatic Candle Making Machines are more advanced than the former one, also it provides more efficient results. It needs less manpower as the major part is done by the machine itself. It is also faster and more accurate. It also provides instant cooling with the help of the water supply.

3. Fully Automatic Candle Making Machines

Fully Automatic Candle Making Machines are the most advanced ones and provides the finest results. These machines provide results very faster with a rate of 240 pieces per minute. As well as the water supply is there for providing instant cooling.

It also provides you with the option of making designer candles as it has various molds of different shapes and sizes.

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Permissions and License

A Candle Making business plan could be a small scale plan as well as a large scale. The small scale business plan could be initiated from your home and for that, you will just need to obtain a trade license of India. To initiate the procedure of getting a Trade License, visit the official government website of India by clicking here.

In other cases, if you are planning to start the business on a large scale basis, you need to obtain the following licenses:

  • Business Registration– For registering your business, you need to visit the Ministry of Corporate Affairs’ official website. Click on this link for visiting the online website.
  • Trade License- Trade License is mandatory in both the cases, click here for visiting the official website.
  • GST Registration– GST is the service tax of India and you need to register for it. Click on this link for visiting the official website.
  • Trade Mark Registration– Trade Mark Registration is important to protect your brand name, click here to apply for Trade Mark Registration.

Potential Clients

Candle Making a business plan is one of the trending business plans in India right now. Its excessive demand has made this product based industry really popular. Now once your business is set up, you need to find potential clients. Your potential clients are the ones who are interested in your business and have a chance of being your customer. You can take your product to the following:

1. Boutiques

You can target boutiques for your potential clients as boutiques are mostly visited by women, and women are a big fan of some good candles. Therefore boutiques make a good platform for promoting your business.

2. Gifts and Craft Shops

Gifts and craft shops are also very good platforms where you can take your business. Candles are a great product that can be sold in these shops as candles make a very good gift option. In order to take your business to these shops, you need to have an extraordinary approach to designing.

3. Local Shops

Local shops are frequently visited by the customers and they are basically approached by all the necessities of the residents. So by selling your product to local shops, you will make your business more approachable to the customers.

4. Online Selling

Nowadays Online platforms play a great role in making any business successful. In today’s time, people are more available on the internet than in real life. That is why promoting your business on online platforms will make a winning idea.

You could create a website dedicated solely to your business where you can take orders, list your products, and deliver them too. Apart from this you could also take help from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and create business accounts for the promotion of your business.

candle making business plan


Candle making business plan is undoubtedly a very good plan that holds a lot of potentials to become a great source of earning. This also requires very low capital investment and you can also run it as a side business.

Candle making business plan is great especially for housewives who are seeking opportunities to be financially independent. This does not require the presence of any professional skills. The above gives steps are the complete guide on how to start your own candle making a business plan.

If you have any queries you can always ask them in the comment section.

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