30 Booming Business Ideas In Kolkata

Kolkata has not left its roots. The preserved culture of Kolkata will give you a way towards various opportunities. The growing manufacturing hub and warehousing hub leaves behind all the cities of India.

Business Ideas in Kolkata

The opportunities are going to grow more than they are now. Why don’t you be a part of it? I mean stroll down on the streets of Kolkata and you will know there is not a single person who waits for an opportunity. The running city creates them.

It is time that you predict for yourself and takes a risk. This risk will give you returns if taken a decision on time. Right now Kolkata has a lot to give. Are you able to take it? Here are 30 business ideas in kolkata.


Warehousing Business

Do you know Kolkata is a warehousing hub? The news headlines are saying it louder and clearer. Read here. The crores of business specifically from Kolkata is one such opportunity that has grabbed the eyes of investors around the world. 

Don’t you lose this opportunity and this is what makes warehousing business the number one on our list? Halfmba.com talks on facts and figures, 600-700 crores of business a fay and yet unsatisfied demand. Do you want any more reason?

Do you worry about how to set up a warehousing business? then no need because even a small warehouse is enough to earn good profits.

BPO Services

Kolkata is too behind on this one and hence they need good BPO services. Do you know the difference between a no supply of service and an unsatisfied demand for service? BPO service falls into the first category.

Yes, BPO service is demanded, why? Because they don’t have many options. So if you come up with quality BPO services then Kolkata is the best economy right now. You have little competition, high skilled employees, and low investment. 


A beautiful city naturally attracts people who appreciate it. Photographers are one of those who end their quest at Kolkata. If you are passionate about photography then Kolkata has found you. You can enough opportunities here. 

Now the types of photography done in Kolkata can leave you speechless. Street photography, wedding photography, flashback photography, event photographers, products/food/model, and much more. I may give you a separate list that may never end.

Even a photography agency can be a good thought if you have good experience of being a photographer.


If we talk about photography then videography can not be ignored. The amount of work that videographers are doing is exceptional. A videographer and photographer may work together but these professions are totally different.

Learn more about videography to understand the real difference. Get good skills at videography because a photoshoot is never complete without a video. One thing about videography is that videographers are always working in a photography agency.

Online store

Like most of the states in India, Kolkata has its own online store. Salt N Soap is one such big example based in Kolkata. It is an online store that provides groceries. Just like that you have any other specific stores in Kolkata.

You can turn various businesses into an online store with just one step and that is an online website or a mobile app. It is a hot business in Kolkata. The concept is trending so you can get funding easily. 

Setting up an online store comes with good news, low investment, and good profits. What do you require? Experience.

Logistics Business

There is one more advantage of being a warehousing hub. Kolkata gets the highest logistics demands, if you don’t know whats logistics then it is a transport business. A logistics business doesn’t work on money but on networks.

You may invest zero money if you have contracts on your hand. Yes that happens. Build a network and approach clients with an attractive website or your experienced background. Don’t get shocked, it always works.

Once you have a contract done think another will come easily. This is a catch; you need good networks to be in this market.

Baking Business

The love of baking is all you need to start a baking business, without any worries. Kolkata has baking lovers of its own. If you have the good quality they will want you more. Even a home-based baking store can be set up and can be expanded eventually.

There is a lot to think about baking in Kolkata; as the bake lovers want something unique. I would suggest you know about all the different kinds of markets in the baking business. How does the baking economy work? What you will need as a professional? Read more.

Handicrafts Store

Let us drink a sip of culture from the ocean of Kolkata history. Minakari jewelry boxes, brass statues of mythological characters, dhokra/kansha/bell metal products, Dashavatar cards, Chhau masks, and clay dolls. These are antiques and preserved best in Kolkata.

You can set up a store selling the abundant items, these are made by skilled workers who know the art. Then the huge market eagerly waits for the stock. A real art lover can only understand this kind of art. Kolkata has a very large market for handicrafts from clothing to puja thalis to wall hangings and much more.

Car rental business

The online market has made it too easy for renting business but not for all renting businesses; car rental is the lucky one. You can buy a good car or if you have already, then attach it to rentals. A good company can give you high returns.

It is just a start, car rentals have a great scope. Once you learn the procedure for rentals then starting a car rental business is no biggy. What is really difficult? You need to have good clients and skilled drivers. How do you choose them? Know more.

Event Management

If I did not mention then Kolkata is the hotspot of top companies around the world. The corporate events give 90% of profits for an event management company from these top companies. But not any event management company can work for them.

Event management specializes in different kinds of events from the public to private events. You gotta understand the work rules and create a work experience background. How do you do that? How to set up a full-grown event management company in Kolkata? Learn here.

Web Designing Business

First of all web designing is a career, it supports almost all businesses. Kolkata gives high profile networks to anyone looking for deep experience at web designing. The different kinds of companies demand different web designs and such need can be fulfilled only if you are creative.

But being creative is not enough, start learning through web designing courses or take a web designing job. After gaining a good experience only it is possible to reach the level of high demand. The scope of web designing is quite large in Kolkata.

Broom Manufacturing 

Broom Manufacturing looks like an old business from outside, yes it is. Don’t take it seriously, the broom Manufacturing market will stun you from its profits. So you may not know how to make a broom; You are very lucky then. Wondering why?

It is a manual process that is done by rural unemployed women; hiring them gives a cost advantage. Kolkata has a good scale of skilled workers in the broom industry. 

Now comes the major part, learning the kinds of brooms. Yes there are different kinds of broom such as grass, coconut, and much more. Different shapes, sizes, and colors are the detailing part of brooms to learn. If you know all these you are set to start a business.

Become a Florist

Kolkata is known for lavish festivals, pujas, and rich worship. All of these require abundant flowers each day. I bet you can’t imagine the size of the flower industry in Kolkata. Just one Durga puja takes 15000 crores so now you can predict yourself.

Religious culture is more prevalent in Kolkata. If you study the market then a florist shop can be a great opportunity. Let me tell you that a florist shop is a serious business in Kolkata. They earn tonnes of money through long puja and havans every other day.

Tourism Business

Let me start from Durga puja which presents enormous celebrities from India. If thats not enough about the tourism sector then the whole world takes part in Durga puja. The tourism sector is majorly increasing in Kolkata due to religious structures and monuments.

Each day you will find tourists visiting Kolkata for different religious needs. Beyond religious views there are other sides of the tourism sector in Kolkata. The various monuments and sculptures are a great deal in Kolkata. Know more.

Cafe + Teas House 

A cafe can not be more suitable other than Kolkata if you ask why? Then you don’t know Kolkata is the home of Chai. People at Kolkata are incomplete without an evening Chai (tea). The tea lovers are much more in Kolkata then I expected.

You need to once visit a tea house and know how it turns out for you. Don’t be surprised to know that Kolkata’s chai is named as best chai by The Guardians (famous newspaper) read here. Chai is a really serious matter for anyone in Kolkata.

You will never find a Chai in a paper cup or plastic, only earthen pots are used. The special Kolkata Chai needs to be prepared with the same method so learn before you step into the business. Read more about the cafe business.

Clothing Store

Bengal has seen a quick revolution in the clothing industry. Due to the change in the market many stores have become more relying on modern methods of manufacturing. The profits have become hugh eventually.

Now west Bengal can be seen as the garment. manufacturing hub of India. With the high hopes in the future you may want to invest in the clothing industry. While it is increasing at the fastest speed in India Kolkata can be the hotspot for a clothing business.

Electronics Store

The electronics industry is an essential service for Kolkata. There is a reason behind it, the presence of IT companies demands a large number of IT products. If you are thinking about electronics like TV, Smartphones and other stuff then no.

An electronic store is much more for Kolkata. It provides various stuff such as hard drives, laboratory equipment, test equipment, industrial equipment, and much more. You need to identify an industry that your product will support.

Based on the market research an electronic business can be set up. There are more varieties you can find in Kolkata for an electronic store. You need to think it through.

Repair store

The repair stores are demanded in Kolkata as much as electronics. The only reason is the high sales of electronic products and they get broken at some point. Repair shops are not small stores but a big showrooms where huge parts are delivered and products are repaired.

Now the electronic industry is quite big so as to keep up with the demand a specific material supply line is required to be chosen. If you want to supply a specific industry then it is best. The IT sector is one of the preferred sectors.

Coaching Center

Kolkata has always been on the top for education. If you may know then Kolkata is working at high standards in the education industry. The key role is played by its rules and regulations. The demand for a coaching center is already at a peak in India but Kolkata makes it even worse.

The highest demand for a coaching center is in Kolkata. If you loved to teach once then don’t waste time while sitting back. You can start teaching online with the number of opportunities given by schools in Kolkata.

Even the online apps are available where you can tutor online so give a look at them.

Antique Shop

An interior decorator best knows the importance of antiques at home. These are the only things that make your home livable. Kolkata preserves its history by the way of antique shops. Enough about a boring dose of history.

Want to know an interesting thing about antique stores? They sell each product at a really high price, every art lover pays high for each art piece. The big money is hidden in the antique business, only if you know how to procure antiques.

Bangles Store

The most favorite part of accessories for any woman in Kolkata is bangles. They adore bangles and it is an important part of the culture. The variety of bangles can be seen as an advantage for a bangle business. You already have demand for bangles in Kolkata.

If the bangle store has a good variety then it achieves a stable place in the market. The rest of the journey of business is on the high graph. What you may want to learn about bangles is how they are produced. It really helps to ensure costing and pricing.

Rural Crafts Business

The heritage of Kolkata lives in its crafts which people buy and show off at their homes. The specialty of Kolkata crafts is they are made from workers with their hands. This skill is not found in any other area. You must learn the skill at least the basics.

Various ancient products are produced in Kolkata that showcases hard work and true art. The business can be established on low labour cost but a good investment is required for processing through machines.

Paintings Gallery 

Kolkata welcomes art through both of the hands. The different kinds of art can be found here. If you are an art lover or not you will like the work yourself. The masterpiece costs themselves a great price. Each one of them is stored in Kolkata. They are the inspiration from famous painters of old times.

If you want to start a gallery then hire a painter or acquire an art gallery and renovate it. This is the best option to start as a beginner. For those who are experienced as artists they know that Kolkata is a place of true art. A gallery can be started in Kolkata only with good skills.

Saree Store

You will find a never-ending variety of sarees in Kolkata as the main clothing is saree. A good collection of sarees is a treasure for a woman in Kolkata. They love to buy new sarees for each occasion and why not? You can set up a saree center.

Give a thought about the style of sarees and learn about then. You need to first experience at a saree center by getting a job. Then you can start a saree business yourself. You can choose the variety according to the market and set the pricing.

Bengali Sweets Store

Kolkata has a sweet tooth and it demands the number of sweet shops that are nearby. Well Kolkata already has good competition in this sector but high demand gives you that opportunity. You need to find an ideal location that is the heart of Kolkata.

The location is the differentiator for any business. Bengali sweets have a good market but the taste matters most. If you are good at cooking then go for it. Don’t think you have to make sweets yourself, you can hire but learning the basics is important.

Tea Business

Yes yes I know we talked about tea houses but this is different. The tea house gets tea from some grocery right? But where is tea manufactured? I think you guessed it, a tea manufacturing business is gaining high profits in Kolkata.

All those Chai lovers in Kolkata are already at peak and bow the demand for tea is rising even outside India. So the export option is also an advantage for the tea business in Kolkata. You get good labor at affordable rates who can crop tea.

Kolkata is already flourishing in this sector so be ready to handle the competition.

Agarbatti Making Business

Did I mention you about the religious aspect of Kolkata? Yes, I did, so I hope you can already imagine the use of agarbatti in Kolkata. If you are anywhere in India you can set up an Agarbatti making business. But most of the sales will be done in Kolkata only.

So while being in Kolkata why not start an agarbatti making business? It is getting supply from outside Kolkata due to lack of supply in the state. You can fulfill the needs easily. 

Real Estate Business

The property rates are high in Kolkata if compared to 80% of cities in India. Why? Kolkata is a metro city and hence the prices are high for anything. But what makes a difference in Kolkata is the upcoming era is going to look at more increment in the property sector.

The industries are setting up in Kolkata and they are looking at Kolkata as a potential city. It is obvious to have high prices and you can take advantage of this opportunity.

Kolkata Travel Blog

As we understood from all the above points that Kolkata is a place to tell people. There are thousands of things that people still don’t know and you can let them know with a travel blog.

Bloggers are really paid good and the scope of expansion is high. You can easily start different blogs but the main aspect is quality content. If you have skills to write then do it.

Fishing Business

The ports of Kolkata are famous. So the fishing business is on point. It can never go out of demand. You would love to know that Kolkata sells fish to the whole country. The reach is really large and so are the profits.

While the advantage is already here for you, the fishes of Kolkata are known to be of top quality. Even the other seafood is also found to be sold but in less quantities. Read more


30 Booming Business Ideas In Kolkata 1

I hope that you got to know Kolkata more. The only way to set up a business in the city is to visit it. Learn more about Kolkata so that you can come up with innovative ideas.

Here is a tip# you can mix above ideas to start something unique such as starting an antique shop online. People don’t want to move so much for a single piece.

Did you know about the facts I stated above? Which business idea took your eye for a while? How early you want to start a business? 

Share your views with us.

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