The A to Z Of Buying KFC Franchise Cost In India

The cravings of a chicken bucket never go out of my mind and Indians are fond of it. This is the reason for the popularity that gets KFC the first position in India. The whole world may love KFC but bot better than Indians.

The A to Z Of Buying KFC Franchise Cost In India 1

The highest demand for KFC is in India. The ever-changing food company that comes up with new techniques to understand the needs of customers is KFC. Why would anyone not want to buy a KFC franchise India?

KFC has proved its value for years in India. Its place has earned some goodwill that is paid as an investment. So here is the whole article about buying a KFC franchise India.


What does the KFC bucket hide? Know everything about KFC

KFC or should I say Kentucky Fried Chicken is the leading opportunity in the world of franchising. The best chicken that I have tasted in India is KFC. Being with KFC you are reaching at least 40000 locations in 130 countries at once. 

The Tum! Brands is the parent company for a large number of companies and so is the matter with KFC too. This brand according to 2012 earned 200 crores and now maybe double.

Do you know that KFC offers a franchise? Uf course you know, do you know KFC doesn’t give the franchise to all of them? Don’t be surprised, a good franchise buyer can only get this opportunity. You must know that the KFC franchise is a big deal.

Never lack out of even a minor detail as KFC chooses every buyer seriously. You must do your homework well. Are you ready to learn about KFC franchise India? Let’s hit the road.

Is the KFC franchise worth it?

The A to Z Of Buying KFC Franchise Cost In India 2

I don’t hip that you bear this question in your mind until the completion of the franchising process. That’s why I will give you an answer right now. You are going to learn about the top benefits of getting a KFC franchise in India.

  • The experience of KFC will lead you out of those risky situations that can be handled alone. Their experience is a lot of practical exposure that any ordinary person dreams of.
  • KFC is most famous in India and hence this advantage is just for Indian citizens. If you are with KFC then people will come to you without any doubt.
  • No need to talk about profits, the high yielding profits are just an add on for any franchise buyer. The main thing is how you invest those profits in the business.
  • The one much-ignored thing about KFC, the recipe is original. Be proud to sell authentic food that no other outlet can.
  • It is the largest franchise in all over the world. This is something to boast about but I hope you also understand the need for additional skills to be with a worldwide brand.

What do you have as a KFC franchise owner?

Buying a franchise especially from KFC is something that requires a good amount of knowledge. Well this statement is always said but big explained really well. I will clear it for you. What do you need as a KFC franchise owner?

  • Number game: there is one thing that you must understand and that is numbers. Looking at a report should tell you how it worked? How will it affect in future? Yes this well you should be. If you are not good with numbers then anyone can outsmart you.
  • Soft skills: ever learned of word game, that’s how real business happens? If you don’t know what should be said at which point then your game is over. Cracking a business deal is something like that.
  • Result-oriented motivation: let your results motivate not your self-confidence. It is good to be confident but results speak about our abilities. Work for results to achieve them.
  • Befriend with hard work: make yourself comfortable at working hard for things. It should be a part of your routine. Don’t predict easy outcomes for big profits.
  • Follow rules: there is a system behind every business and KFC has it too. Get the rule book and learn it by heart. Not the real rule book; understand KFC and make your own rule book.

How to apply for the KFC franchise?

The A to Z Of Buying KFC Franchise Cost In India 3

The main talk starts from here. How you are going to apply for a franchise of worldwide brand KFC. The procedure is simple but the scrutiny after the procedure is more important.

Go to the official website of KFC. Or just click here. You will find a page, look out for contact us option. Click it. Select the franchising option. Fill the details required and submit them. 

Are you wondering what details I require? Read this list.

  • Photographs of the location
  • Name of the owner/s of the property
  • Investment amount
  • Land acquired
  • Contact details of the owner
  • Space available for parking
  • Address proof of owner

Are you still in doubt? Contact the officials directly and learn more.

Vishal Razdan

Deputy Manager – Business Development Yum! 

Restaurants ( India ) Pvt. Ltd.  Global Business Park Tower D, 12 Floor Gurgaon – 122002, India.

What is the expected cost of the KFC franchise?

Think less and analyze more. From this part the real struggle begins; 

KFC Franchise cost in India Investment: 1 Crore

  • Now this investment may not include various charges that will be mentioned in detail below.let’s talk about the location which depends on the investment.
  • KFC only takes a location at tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 cities then you are good to go. Visit a KFC outlet and you will know how much space is required. 

KFC franchise area required: 1000 – 2000 sq.ft. 

  • The location of a KFC franchise does include storage, parking, sitting, counter desk, and various other areas. 

What will KFC look like in the future?

  • At present KFC does business in 350  outlets specifically in India. The future plans of KFC look at 500 outlets to be set up in India. So this brings us great opportunities to be a part of a profitable future.
  • The changing systems of KFC are not hidden. The KFC is using Artificial Intelligence in the upcoming time. One such example is digital menus to be given to customers.
  • While the RED strategy of KFC is going to be continued for a long time. The RED strategy is relevant, easy, and distinctive. It helps to maintain the customer relationship.

What are the training requirements for the KFC franchise in India?

The training program at KFC is a well-developed program introduced by the company. The program is very engaging and gives you an opportunity to learn about the company. It is a whole new experience for any entrepreneur who wants to buy a franchise.

  • Each owner who wants to buy a franchise has to take part in the training program. The key director of the administration for the franchise should also be with the owner at the time of the program. The program is compulsory and it gives you a lot of details.
  • The training program will give you information regarding the franchise. Here you will come to know how to handle an outlet under the brand name of KFC. The worldwide brand has its own rules that should be launched by franchise owners.
  • There are multiple training programs that are introduced by KFC and these programs would be communicated to the franchise owners. The owners have to come to the place where the programs will be held according to the time communicated.
  • The training program introduced by KFC has different approaches such as a learning zone program, written notes, and on the job training.
  • Each program will be held at various KFC outlets and a number of classroom programs will also be held.

More importantly: why can KFC be challenging?

The A to Z Of Buying KFC Franchise Cost In India 4

It happens to all of us. Sometimes we are not ready to face the challenge. And that’s okay. You can start by knowing the chapel he’s and then decides what is in your capability. If you want you can still face it.

  • Expensive: KFC requires a high amount of initial investment. But did you read it initially? That is what it takes to earn profits for the long term. It may be expensive but it is worth the money.
  • Competition: there are many competitors who will give you a cutthroat competition. But that why you need marketing skills. If you are capable of handling the company then you are ready. Also don’t expect any other business to not have competitors.

What are the best alternatives to the KFC franchise? 

Having second thoughts about buying a KFC franchise India? Let us weigh down the other alternatives. May e they can become a better choice for you.

  • McDonald’s: the biggest competitor of KFC is on our number one list of alternatives. But don’t think that it is not challenging. McDonald’s is as picky as KFC. You need to learn those skills and face the challenges with McDonald’s too.
  • Pizza hut: don’t think that pizza hut is a competitor? Yes it sells pizza but also chicken pizza is one option at pizza hut. So if customers are more attracted to pizza hut than KFC; it becomes a competitor naturally. Read more.
  • Dominos: while dominos is such a great option for India. It provides franchising opportunities. In comparison to KFC dominos is less popular but a viable option for a franchise buyer. Dominos has its good market share and serves worldwide.
  • Burger King: I want to say that, burger king is a tough competition but the franchising option is a good one. You can check it out here. This franchise can give you good returns with less investment comparatively.
  • Subway: the good subway is behind KFC but it is an affordable option for franchising India. You should consider this option and it may come to you as a great opportunity. The typical shape of subway burgers is its uniqueness.

There are many more alternatives to KFC but these were the top ones. If you are really serious about buying a franchise in India then the above alternatives can be the best one suitable. You may not want to miss out on each one of them. Weigh the benefits and limitations to make your decision.

How does food industry trends will affect the KFC franchise?.

The food industry is quite large and you may never know how consumers can react. So it is mandatory for a business to respond according to the food industry trends. Here are some trends that KFC watched and now taking steps.

  • Specifically in India, KFC looked like an only Non-vegetarian option for Indians. While it is not the case now as the superb vegetarian menu options have been added by the company. Also, they are loved by customers.
  • The lifestyle gets affected due to unhealthy food and KFC has taken steps for that too. The portion size, plate sizes, and servings are kept according to the health needs of consumers. These are really helpful for those who get triggered by hunger and order much food at once.
  • KFC is expected to grow at 18 percent in 2020 but the growing number of franchises can higher the numbers eventually. Why? I hope you understand the competition and hence KFC did something to outdo others.

Are there any hidden charges? If yes then what?

Yes there will be more charges behind the investment. Only a high profiled funded investor can buy a KFC franchise in India. You need to be financially stable and experienced to market the products. This is a basic ask from KFC to get a franchise.

  • Application & Background Check Fee
  • Deposit Fee   
  • Option Fee   
  • Training Expenses   
  • Permits, Licenses, and Security Deposits   
  • Real Property   
  • Building & Site Costs
  • Equipment, Signage, and decor, POS & merit Start-up Inventory   
  • Grand Opening Expense
  • Insurance   
  • Miscellaneous Costs

The charges can vary according to different cities so I would suggest you start by contacting the authorized person mentioned above. Get things clear and then start working for them.


The A to Z Of Buying KFC Franchise Cost In India 5

I hope you understood the requirements to buy a KFC franchise in India. The foremost expectation of a franchisee would be your capability to run the outlet and then the other factors will come into mind.

Make sure you do your homework.

Here is a tip# analyze the food industry, follow the current trends, and brush up your skills. It is time to take action.

Do you have any other queries? Want to know about KFC more? Are you able to understand the requirements to buy a KFC franchise in India?

Share your thoughts in comments.

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