15 Most Profitable Leather Business Ideas 2

15 Most Profitable Leather Business Ideas

For entrepreneurs seeking new opportunities in Leather business, there are numerous options available in the market to choose from and each one of them makes a lucrative business option if executed in the right manner. The leather business actually requires a low-cost investment and little to no professional skills are required to run the business.

The market is currently riped for leather business as it serves as a trending startup option. The interest of people is gradually leaning towards the use of leather in various products such as garments, purses, shoes, accessories, etc. And the business scope is rapidly expanding due to its use in different industries.

If you are thinking about starting a leather business then you have numerous opportunities but all these opportunities even further provide you with three options, manufacturing, retail and export.

Manufacturing deals with making the product and in manufacturing, you have all the required materials available that will help in the manufacturing of the product. In the export business, you sell the materials to be store owners who will sell these products directly to the customers. And lastly is the retail business option, which means selling the products directly to the customers for example through shops.

The following listed are various leather business options and opportunities that certainly make a really profitable business option for the entrepreneurs.


1. Leather Garment Making

Leather clothes are most certainly the trendy cloths option that we have today. Leather garments have their fair share of popularity in every age group. If you are a fashion designer seeking new opportunities in the fashion world, so choosing leather garment making as your option will definitely prove to be a profitable business idea for you.

In this business option, you will have to deal with the manufacturing of different kinds of products such as a jacket, trousers, tops, etc. with the help of raw materials and various machines. Then you can sell it to distributors within a reasonable profit margin.

2. Leather Furniture Making

With leather being made available as a trendy option right now people are making good use of it in different industries and one of them is furniture making. Leather Furniture Making does not deal with the furniture that is made out of leather but it features leather as a part of the furniture making process.

The use of leather in furniture making can be seen as sofa covers, cushion covers, and other furniture items. Not just in furniture making but the use of leather is significantly prominent in home decor items. And as nowadays people are going crazy over home decor, leather items make a popular option.

It’s another aspect that can also be seen in automobiles where using leather as the car seat material represents classiness. All these options have high demand and are also a bearer of high-profit margins.

15 Most Profitable Leather Business Ideas 3

3. Leather Export

A country like India that has a wide scope of leather production, provides you a market full of opportunities for expanding your business. The market is ripe for the leather export business plan because the country deals with tanning and processing of leather extensively.

The export business of leather is basically the transportation of leather outside of the country. For all the required information about the export business, you can contact the export council department of India. In order to start an export business, you will need different licenses and permissions from the government.

To give your business a head start you could directly get in touch with the manufacturers and establish tie-ups and partnerships.

4. Leather Crafts Item Making

Leather has also found its place in craft item making and it also makes a pretty good lucrative business plan. Starting this business requires a small investment and the equipment that you are going to need for this idea is easily available and even at home you could find these tools.

All you will need in raw materials is leather that could buy from the retailers of leather. Leather craft-making features a list of products, that includes, book covers, belt, buckle, wall hangings, etc. Every product will need you to have different raw materials and all of them can be made easily available at home or your local shop.

This could be done without any professional skills, all you need to do is get a little training about the basics of this business and practice by making the items at home.

5. Leather Bag Making

Leather is a popular material when it comes to bag making. Leather bags are the trendiest types of bags that we have right now. This business requires a moderate amount of investment and could be initiated from the home. Even though you do not need any sort of qualification to acquire this business but a basic understanding of the manufacturing process is a must.

People with a good sense of fashion could think about stepping into this business idea. Leather Bag making deals in two areas first is manufacturing and second is retailing. The manufacturers make the product at their organization with raw materials while the retailer sells the products to the consumers by buying the products from the manufacturers.

6. Leather Accessories Store

Leather Accessories store is a retail business plan that features varies accessories made from leather. To start your own retail store you need to contact the manufacturers that deal with the manufacturing of the accessories made from leather.

There are numerous kinds of products that you could keep in your retail store such as wallets, watches, buckles, gloves, coin purse, etc. To start your own retail store you will need a moderate amount of investment and a commercial unit.

15 Most Profitable Leather Business Ideas 4

7. Ladies Foot Ware Manufacturing

The use of leather in foot ware making has only been significant and it is expanding rapidly. The ladies’ shopping area has always been a good business idea and nowadays everyone is stumbling upon the idea of leather foot ware that makes the trendiest option.

This business could be started on a small scale and the investment for this business is also low. Everything that you will require for starting this business is finished leather as your raw material, basic equipment, molds, and basic training about the manufacturing process.

Apart from setting up a manufacturing unit, you could also turn your business in retail and export business that deals with selling the products to the customers.

8. Leather Promotional Product Making

Promotional gifts are a part of marketing campaigns that serves the purposes of promoting a specific brand. These products are customized especially for the company and have their company logo on it. As marketing strategies are improved day by day, the use of promotional products is the new thing now that is expanding rapidly.

In promotional gift items, there are several products that are significantly popular, such as, laptop sleeves, keychains, keyrings, leather portfolios, leather bags, leather case, leather briefcase, leather sunglasses case, leather wallets, leather purses, etc.

This product idea is even possible at a small scale and low investment, you could even start this business at home. Apart from the manufacturing of the products you could also become the exporter and retailer of this business idea.

9. Leather Processing/ Tanning Factory

As the word factory would suggest, the leather processing business is a large scale business. The processing of leather is also known as a tannery. After the leather is made available from the different sources it needs to be processed and tanned in order to make it ready to use for different business ideas.

The processing unit for leather business deals with going through a complete process that includes various factors such as, sourcing of raw materials, cleaning of the leather, then comes tanning of the leather to make in available in different colors, then distributing it to the retailers, exporters, shop owners, manufacturers, etc.

bag as a part of leather business

10. Leather Jewelry Making

Jewelry making is another business idea for entrepreneurs looking for business ideas in various sectors. Leathery is already a very pretty popular material in itself and it also makes some of the trendiest jewelry items that we have today. The use of leather in the jewelry industry is significant and provides extensive scope for a business idea.

Leather jewelry items such as necklace, bracelets, bangles, earrings, friendship bands, wrapping bracelets, and bangles, etc. This business idea is definitely an exciting one and it also requires a very small investment to start one.

11. Leather Safety Shoe-making

Safety shoes are the shoes that are made for the safety of the individuals that work in extreme conditions. There are various industries that cause the feet of their workers to harm seriously, so to prevent this, they are provided with shoes made of leather to protect their feet from chemicals and extreme work conditions.

The industry type includes, chemical, mining, construction industries, etc. So they are provided with a shoe made of leather to protect from direct exposure to these work conditions. The business requires you to invest moderately.

12. Leather Gloves and Mittens Making

We can not just leave out leather gloves while talking about leather business ideas. Leather gloves have also done a significant progress as a business plan. Leather gloves are famous among both men and women however males consume these kinds of products more than women.

Leather gloves come in different shapes and sizes and are very popular nowadays. There are basically various types of gloves such as biker gloves for gripping, winter gloves, open finger gloves, closed finger gloves. This business plan will require a moderate amount of investment and can also be started as a small scale business.

15 Most Profitable Leather Business Ideas 5

13. Leather Watchband Making

Leather watches are currently in demand and there is no doubt in that. The startup idea of leather watchband is considered as B2B business which is short for business to business. Leather watchband making also features having tie-ups from various brands.

Apart from dealing with the manufacturing of the product, you could also set up a retail store to sell the products directly to the customers. Variety and quality of the product are the most significant aspects when it comes to leather watches.

Besides all this, leather watches have a high demand for export business too. An export business could be initiated from your own manufacturing unit and even if you are not interested in the manufacturing of the products, you could always start the selling business by having it available from different distributors.

14. Shoe Laundry

Shoe Laundry is an all-new concept in the industry. It is basically the service shop for your leather shoes. Leather needs maintenance to look as good and expensive as a new one and that is why the shoe laundry business has been flourishing since its introduction.

With the awareness of hygiene and maintenance of their shoes, people have made shoe laundry as a profitable business plan.

15. Leather Winter-wear

Leather Winter-wear is already a much bigger industry in itself that it requires a special mention. People using leather as jackets is a famous concept and it has been a trendy business idea with a significant amount of margin in the business plan.

There are various winter wear options that are famous in the leather business industry, such as jackets, coats, leather high boots, leather pants, etc. All these businesses require a small investment and most of them could be started right from the homes of people.

15 Most Profitable Leather Business Ideas 6


The above-mentioned business ideas are one of the leading leather-related startup ideas in India. The demand for leather in India is increasing rapidly and it provides an extensive scope of success in the field. To start your own business could be quite a task because it requires investment, sourcing of raw materials, commercial unit set up, etc. But once you get the business running, all your hardworking will be paid off in the form of success.

These business ideas need proper execution and investment for setting up your business in India. There are various ideas in India related to the leather business leather industry that makes a lucrative business plan but you will need to choose a suitable area for yourself and start working on it.

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So this was an article on Leather business ideas and we tried to cover the most through this detailed planning. You can leave a comment below to let us know how you liked the article.

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