50 Business Ideas in India For Beginners & Student In 2020 2

50 Business Ideas in India For Beginners & Student In 2020

business ideas in india for beginners

What can be more overwhelming for a student to live life on his rules? What stops a person from being their own boss? It is that idea which can make you a big success. You can be one of those youngsters who are making tonnes of money by using these business ideas for students.


Use Opportunities From College

Campus Tutor

Campus Tutor

You can use the opportunities at your college. Approach to the authorities and get a job at the campus. If you are skilled in a subject then they would know your skills and definitely hire you.

You can even use your grades to get a job on campus. Also, various positions are filled by alumni of the same campuses. There are various departments on campus and you can identify which suits best for your skills.

Work For The College Writing Department

Work for the college writing department

Colleges give the opportunity to students for writing at student magazines and college websites. These are handled by skilled and efficient students.

If you have good writing skills then you can start writing for your college. It can prove to be a great addition to your resume. You will gain enough experience to work professionally.

Start As a Teaching Assistant

Start as a teaching assistant

Most of the colleges and even schools opt for substitute teachers and various teaching assistants. If you are someone who is looking forward in the teaching industry then you can grasp this opportunity.

Organize Stalls At a College Fest

Organize stalls at a college fest

Colleges organise for the fest at different intervals. It gives you an idea of earning money. You can organize a different kind of stalls in this fest. It helps to gain exposure to tackle the real world.

Most of the time students are unable to get that exposure but taking part in these events is a great idea of earning and learning at the same time.

Sell your homemade stuff at college

Sell your homemade stuff at college

If you have any skills to make homemade stuff then you can start earning from it. You have a large market in the form of college students. You can market your products and earn a lot of money.

It can be anything such as homemade pickles, jam or t-shirts. Also, your college contacts are a great network to build a successful business.

College internships

College internships

Various internship programs are introduced by colleges which support students to get industrial exposure. It is necessary to take advantage of these programs. 

You can get paid for taking part in and working for industries. It will be also helpful for your future career.

Do you have skills?

Event Organizer

Event organizer

If you have good organising and innovative skills then you can go for event management. It is an advantage in this era to start an event management business due to growing corporate events. 

You can start a successful career by reading the complete guide to the event management business. It will help you out to get a basic understanding of the business.



You may be looking after your siblings from your childhood and that gives you a great opportunity to earn by babysitting at your neighborhood.

If you want to start it off as your side income then it is recommended do not go for your friends and relatives. 

Be a Uber Driver

Be a uber driver

Uber provides great offers and you can take it to earn potential income. Start driving at uber and don’t forget to get a driving license.

This idea is based on the assumption that you will have the driving skills. Also, a good experience at driving is countable to get better jobs.

Data Entry Work

Data entry work

Most of the organizations have data entry work. If you are someone who is great at computers and looking forward to doing some office work. Then this is something flexible for you.

You can start applying by naukri.com which will give you good jobs. You can directly apply and start earning. It also gives you the opportunity to work as part-time or full time.



Now if you are someone who takes at least 100 pictures whenever going out and those pictures are applauded by people. Then photography is the best options for you.

You can start improving photography skills by applying for online courses and also YouTube gives great opportunity to learn at home.

Homemade Chocolate Business

Homemade chocolate business

For those who have the inborn quality to cook food and eat food. Thus the field is for you. You may not know but homemade chocolate is a huge market. Whether it is wedding gifts or anniversary gifts, no one cant say no to chocolates.

The new trends in the homemade chocolate industry also give you the advantage to acquire those skills and earn great.

Online Business Opportunities

Online Gigs

Various online websites such as Fiverr provides you with a great chance of earning income. It gives multiple easy and flexible jobs that can be done at home. These do not require much experience.

You can start by creating an account at Fiverr and then choosing for whichever jobs are suitable as per your need. It is easy and fast.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant

What can be better than a job done at home with your flexible hours? You can simply provide services to various companies by sitting at home. This kind of job are popular and termed as a virtual assistant.

You can start by approaching suitable companies, to whom you are familiar with. You can provide them with various services such as data entry, scheduling and organization work.

App Developer

App developer

If you are someone who knows how to develop an app then you have the great potential in the market. Various companies have immediate hiring for those who are ready to develop an app, especially for iOS software.

You can go to Naukri.com and find multiple jobs. Apply and get hired immediately.

Read us for starting an App Development Business.



Blogging has become a popular term. It is achieving high returns for those who are ready to give their efforts in the blogging industry.

What you need here? It is your writing skills and marketing skills that will help you to become a professional blogger. It will also give you fame accompanied by huge returns.

YouTube Channel

Youtube channel

If you want to show off your skills then you need to sit at home and start a Youtube channel. It will showcase your skills and targets potential customers.

If your skills are great enough then it will attract a large number of subscribers. You can easily monetize the number of subscribers into money. It is paid by Youtube.

Also, you can read our guide about earning ideas from Youtube.

TikTok Promoter

Tik Tok Promoter

You may be well aware of the populism gained in society by tik tok app. If you love to make videos on tik tok then it is a great idea to convert it into a side income.

Tik tok has been a popular channel to market for various websites. You can also direct traffic from tik tok to your YouTube channel. It is a great way of marketing.

Low investment business ideas



For those students who want to start a business with low investment, this opportunity is for you. You can grow successful businesses by using these ideas.

Start selling bakery products at your college or online. If you are a baker then this a great opportunity to show your skills.

Also read our guide to start a baking business with various options available in the market.

Marketing Services

Marketing services

Marketing is a tool that is required by even the smallest and largest business. Every industry is based on marketing for boosting sales and even getting first customers.

You can start a marketing agency that can promote business for multiple organizations. Also, you can perform online or offline marketing. 

Writing services

Writing services

If you love to write or already writing from some time then you can start a writing service for various organizations. In today’s era content is a powerful tool, it should be authentic to obtain large customers.

While starting a writing service you won’t need much investment. You can purchase a domain or start an online service to write in newspapers.

Organization Services

Organization services

Most of the people in today’s world are busy due to their day to day life. They require someone to organize their stuff. If you have those kinds of organizing skills then not only households but companies also want professional organizers.

Start an organization service that can be even expanded into various industries. For example, you can go for clutter management in companies.

Consultancy services

Consultancy services

You can start as a consultant. It will require an office set up or an online website to provide your services. This field is vast. You can specialise in any of the particular subjects.

It is a popular choice among various individuals. It will require detailed knowledge in the chosen field. Try to choose a field for which you are passionate about. 

Teaching Services

Teaching services

One more way to impart your knowledge to the right direction is by becoming a teacher. You will require good abilities such as a friendly attitude and good vocabulary.

It will not require much investment but if you want to start with low investment then you can start a coaching class. It will require a suitable space to be purchased or rented. Then you can expand your coaching class into a popular one.

Cleaning services

Cleaning services

Various organizations are contributing to a cleaner environment. You can become one too. You can start by cleaning house of people. It is a highly profitable business.

You can start this business by focusing on one market niche such as dry cleaning and then move on to other cleaning services.

You can read our guide about the dry cleaning business and learn it’s potential in India.

Business Ideas by using your hobby

Musician/music tutor

music tutor

Many of us love to listen to music but some are gifted with the ability to teach music. You can use this hobby as a way of earning. 

Parents are interested to add skills for their child and increase stress has contributed to the growth of the music industry.

You can start music classes in your area or tutor online. It has great potential and you can improve your skills as well. It gives you a chance to earn by doing what you love.

Singing tutorial/singer

Singing tutorial

After the popular reality shows in India such as Rawstar and Indian idol. The scope for singing is expanding to the international community.

You can start singing classes and also earn by posting your videos on YouTube and other social websites. With your skills and abilities, a large number of people will be attracted and you can monetize the income.

Short poems writer

Short poems writer

A poem is a form of expressing views in a polite way. Also starting as a poem writer can be converted into a full-time lyricist.

Also, raps are a popular form of short poems. These are accompanied by rhyming. You can be famous enough to gain a huge audience and earn by social channels.

Pet sitter

Pet sitter

Love for pets is a hobby of most people. You can start a daycare centre for pets. If you want to earn side income then you can help people with caring for their pets.

This way you can earn money easily. You can start approaching in your neighbourhood who needs help with their pets.

You will require good knowledge of caring, nutrition, and other requirements of pets. Having pets in your house will help you out to get experience.

Makeup artist

Makeup artist

Most people think of makeup artist as a woman but the makeup industry has seen a number of men make up artists. 90 per cent of the famous makeup artist as men. 

Starting your career as a makeup artist will require the following new trends in the industry and knowledge of evolving techniques.

If you have experience start by approaching your neighbours and post your work online. Eventually, you will become popular.



If you have knowledge of multiple languages then be a translator. There is no easy job than being a translator. You just need to know different languages.

Also knowing different languages offers you different ways to earn money such as converting books and language classes.

Start by showing off your skills as a translator. You will get enough experience to expand your horizons.



Nowadays, cooking has become more than a hobby. Famous food bloggers and influencers are earning just by their knowledge of cooking and tasting food.

If you also know how to cook well then start a cooking class or a cookery show on YouTube. It will help you to gain customers.

If you can make something unique then share it with the audience. Also, you can start a job as a chef in a hotel.

Work from home Business ideas

Web designer

Web designer

Various colleges provide for courses that you can learn. One of those courses is web designing. If you are knowledgeable about it then you can work from home and start designing.

You can apply for jobs as a web designer and work at your flexible hours. Also if you have not learnt any web designing course then you can apply for it now.

Website developer

Website developer

Businesses are in demand for websites. Colleges are a great medium to learn website development. Also, you can get training from various institutes to learn website development.

If you are already a learnt website developer then start making your sample and mail it to various businesses. You will definitely get a response within a few days.

Digital Marketer

Digital marketer

The digital revolution in India is no surprise for anyone. The results of which are too beneficial in the form of increased chances to earn money. 

Now you can market everything online that means every product is sold, marketed and even searched online.

If you are passionate towards online industry then the scope is neverending. Also, the market share of the industry will be at its peak by 2025 so grasp the opportunity now.

Online Reseller

Online reseller

The other way of earning generated by the digital revolution is reselling used items. It is also helpful in clearing the clutter at your house. People are every day looking for cheap and quality products.

You can use this chance as a way to earn money. Sell what you don’t need or buy and resell it at a good price. It all depends on your marketing eye.

If you can find great things available at a cheap price then sell them for what they are worth for.



Freelancing means working at home and providing different kinds of work. It is a huge field and involves various types of work.

The best examples are freelance writers, career guides, organizers, contractors and much more. You need to identify what you are good at and start working on it.

You can read our article on Freelancing sites for more info.

Cards maker

Cards maker

Every occasion in India calls for cards. Whether it is a social event or a corporate event. Not only in India the market is even expanded to foreign countries too.

You should know how the process of making cards. Well, children are aware of the making of cards but professional cards are made by different techniques. If you are creative minded then this industry can help you to earn a tone of money.

Turning Your Hobby or Skills Into a Class

Create Online Courses

Create online courses

Well, we all know the importance of time. People are more attracted to online courses and save their time. If you are ready to impart your knowledge and create a complete guide then be ready for a large base of customers 

Byjus is a great example in the field of the education industry. It has set up a good level for upcoming online courses. Its market share is growing day by day.

You can learn from them and make your own course. If you are successful then this can be your chance to be a big success.

Coach for Fitness

Coach for fitness

India is watching a shift in awareness regarding health. Now Indians don’t get attracted to oily food, in fact, they are realising the importance of fitness.

This era of health care has projected a large market for all those fitness coaches who are knowledgeable about nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

It is time that you share your experience with others and earn money. People are ready to pay good money to become healthy and live happily.

Art and Craft Classes

Art and craft classes

Innovative minds are not restricted in today’s era. You can earn by your art and craft skills as a survey says, children think more clearly if they open up the creative side of the brain.

Parents are taking part with their children in creative activities to open up their brains. You can find this opportunity as a great chance to earn money.

Start an online guide to the craft techniques or an offline class for your neighbours. It is all up to your skills to attract a number of people.

Spoken English Classes

English has become mandatory for a person to stand in society and progress further. Its importance is understood by every individual. The market is growing at a high rate. 

If you have good verbal and grammatical skills. Don’t wait to warn good money. You can start spoken English classes from your home.

Also, spoken English classes are expanded at a huge level from the local area to a different state to the national level. It is the best way of earning for a student.

Modelling Classes

College students are nowadays more in fashion and styling. If you are one among them then modelling is a great way to showcase your talent.

You can approach various modelling agencies and online events that give you a chance to perform and earn.

There are various online competitions held by big brands such as Lakme to hire models for their products. You can be one too.

Photography Classes

Photography classes

Photography is not limited to just earning by clicking pictures. It is more than that. You can start your own photography classes. Guide individuals so that they can also learn different techniques to click pictures.

National Institute Of Photography is an example in the photography industry that you can note of. Photography classes are limited in India and give a good chance to earn more.

Take Advantage of Upcoming Trends

Start a Delivery Service

Start a delivery service

With growing online shops, the demand for delivery service is growing even more. You can work as a delivery person or start a delivery service in your area.

Also, small businesses are now shifting towards the demand of customers. They are providing home delivery services so they require a different business to outsource this facility.

Customer Service Provider

Customer service provider

You can easily get a job in a BPO company if you are a student. Also, they pay good money to freshers. Here you will not require great skills as they also provide a training period to learn.

Start applying online to get a good job and earn side income. It will help you to get professional experience too.

Take Advantage of Customized Trends

The market is filled with customized trends. If you don’t know then look at these examples 

  •  Customized cards
  •  Customized mugs and t-shirts
  •  Customized food
  •  Customized cakes

You can take advantage of these trends and start supplying to potential customers. Also, you can collaborate with large scale companies who are supplying these products.

Publish a Book

Publish a book

Book writing is another popular way of earning done by various college students. You may have already known of various students who have published their books in college days.

Start using your writing skills or improve your writing skills to create a good book. It will also require a great understanding of the genre in which you are writing.

Move to the Game Industry

Move to the game industry

Gaming is popular among youngsters but very few people know about the opportunities created by the gaming industry. Take a look

  • Gaming apps
  • Gaming contests
  • Gaming surveys
  • Gaming centres
  • Gaming guides
  • Gaming comics
  • Gaming books

This industry is never-ending for those who are passionate about gaming. The industry is rising and you can grab the chance now.

Manage Public Relations

Manage public relations

Who are handling the relations of celebrities with the public? It is public relation managers. You don’t have to worry if you are just a student.

You can start by interning at various companies to learn public relations skills. It is also a great way to earn side income.

Final Words

Their are abundant business ideas in India for beginners and student. You just need to explore various industries to find one which is more suitable for you.

Try every possible way to learn more about yourself because that is the only way to do what you love.

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Here is a TIP# If you don’t find a particular work best for you then give it at least 90 days. Then too you don’t like it? Change it.

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