12 Startup Mistakes To Avoid When Starting a Business 2

12 Startup Mistakes To Avoid When Starting a Business

Mistakes are part of life, You can avoid them or learn from them. What do you think is better? It is to learn from them but from the mistakes of others. Business is prone to mistakes. But in this guide, we will help you to avoid those startup mistakes.

As a beginner, it becomes difficult to have expertise in identifying the most common startup mistakes to avoid. Even if you know that you have done something wrong, how do you overcome them? This is the most important question.

You need to learn the way to be out of your misery. Don’t worry if the idea is daunting for you. After reading this guide, your worries will be too far.


Here are the most common startup mistakes to avoid, done by the biggest giants and small giants of the business world.

Not Prepping For Failure

prepping for failure

What thought comes to your mind whenever you think of a business? It is being the boss of a successful company. It should be like that. But a  businessman is smart-minded enough to estimate for the future.  Planning for success is a good idea but planning for failure is the best idea.

How to Avoid

Prepare for the worst. Plan exit much before you plans for a successful life. Ensure to have emergency investments in hand. So that you have enough money to overcome problems on the way. Control over the credit limit from the bank. Use credits only at the time of real need.

I Don’t Need Support


Business runs on a good idea but it can’t run only with a good idea. Who executes that idea is what matters most? Preparing a team that supports you as an individual and as a boss. Don’t think you can do everything yourself. Most of the time business owners manage everything themselves due to a reason to maintain good quality.

How to Avoid

You need to understand first of all that good employees are not your helpers but your support. They will help you in every aspect of the business. Maybe they can do some mistakes, but eventually, they will learn. Employees are the backbone of a business. An owner has to focus on the major aspects such as profit margins and customer value. They can’t waste time on small issues like electricity bills or transportation costs.

Assuming Your Hobby As A Business

hobby becomes business

Sometimes you are learning a skill and acing it. You start to think about following it as your business. But you don’t consider how passionate you are about it? You start getting orders, deadlines, targets, and responsibility. Now your hobby has become a task for you. Are you ready for that? Ask yourself. If not then go for something profitable enough and keep learning on weekends.

How to Avoid

Maybe your hobby can become a successful business, start with this thought. Now analyze the potential market of the business. Start costing of the products, question yourself, will you buy this product at this cost? If yes then set a higher price, now again question yourself, can you sell this product at a higher price? If its yes again, then sell some to unknown people in a street market or online. If you get customers then just go for it.

Forgot Swot Analysis

Swot Analysis

Sometimes you are in love with the business idea that you even forget SWOT analysis. You assume some of the things. There is a very thin line between assuming and estimating for the future. Without knowing the strengths and more importantly the weaknesses of the business, You are eventually going to fail.

How To Avoid

Research the market, know your targeted customers and gain knowledge of your town. If you are satisfied with the response then start with knowing the profitability of the business, what maximum profit margins are charged? What are customers willing to pay?

What if you are providing something different? Then you must know your costing and host a trial event. Get the customers to know the taste of your services. Ask them to fill feedback forms or fill them yourself by oral questioning. If you get a good response then you are ready.

Recruiting Without Need

Recruit right people at right time for right work

Hiring Staff looks like an easy process. Identifying skills and getting those employees who match with organizational goals. What you can work on your own, that part of your business is handled by others. You are paying extra at the initial stage and eventually spending more than earning.

How to Avoid

At the beginning stage of the business, ensure that you are not spending more than required. If you are scared of the responsibilities then think about a partner. Maintain secrecy to specialized functions of the business.

Higher interns who are smart minded and quick learners with affordable salaries. So that you are not spending high on not so important cost.

Services With No Customer Feedback

feedback quotes

Do you know why every application on the play store has reviews on it? These are the digital feedback forms nowadays. Without even knowing what your customers want how you can provide them? You are continuously providing services and demand is decreasing, but you cant figure out why. You will start over-stressing and business will eventually a big failure. You won’t even know why.

How to Avoid

Ask customers to rate your app or appoint a person on the gate of your business place to get the feedback. If you are continuously getting feedback then you have a proof for your employees to show them how they are working. You are constantly improving and even get a grasp at a new niche that is not provided at your competitor. You can become a huge success.

Neglecting Customer Complaints

Satisfied customer is a good customer

Feedbacks are the main part of the business, but what if they are not implemented in the business. The feedback process sometimes is of no use, feedback forms may be filled incorrectly. The process is not helpful if not followed thoroughly.

How to Avoid

Ensure that you directly get customer response Also online customer response is a well-organized method of getting feedback. You should ensure that you have a steady flow of cash so that you can pay salaries. Reputation can be at risk if you are continuously changing employees, try to avoid that.

Having Business Planned On Your Mind

pay attention on every aspect of a business

There is no business plan, that means what is the monetary value of your business. You must be thinking that you know how to start a business and grow it to become successful. But you may not know that the legal needs of a business are much more detailed.

How to Avoid

Start with the start, don’t skip any details. You may not know at which stage you will be stuck. A businessman has to avoid all those problems that can cause problems in your business. Especially when you are in the beginning stage of the business, you don’t want to lack behind from your competitors.

Taking Credit Yourself

be a leader not a boss

What ensures the productivity of work, it is your team remaining motivated every hour. But most of the time businessmen don’t promote employees for their work. Eventually, they become frustrated and leave the company. You would think that you can hire new ones but once you lose a good employee than the cost of the new one is not worth it.

How to Avoid

Maybe you don’t praise them personally or even others, but you can give them monetary motivation in the form of promotion and increased salary or bonus. Provide them the work that they are most good at. It is the quality of a leader to identify the skills of your employees and predict their qualities.

Thinking Of Staff As Your Workers

12 Startup Mistakes To Avoid When Starting a Business 3

Someday at work all you would question yourself, what is causing poor performance of an employee? Why our company is changing employees too frequently? Slowly this would create a bad reputation for your organization, this can become a major threat. Its the cause of failure for some big giants too.

 How to Avoid

We all know that sometimes, employees can make big mistakes. But you need to learn how to motivate them and handle those issues correctly. What makes a company success is the efficiency and devotion of their employees. Understand where they are lacking and train them to upgrade their skills.

Forgetting About Your Health

Forgetting About Your Health

What is a business without your health? If you are not healthy then you are working for what. Often, people, these days get pressurized by their work and in the race of achieving targets, They forget that they are earning for a good future. What future will be if you are suffering from your health? If you are just going on your work to earn huge profits then failure is the result.

How to Avoid

If you even get a headache then don’t be easy on it. Get some nap and then start working. Power naps are the secret for all entrepreneurs working day in and day out. If you are resting at home then it means no work strictly. Not even a phone call. Take a leave and rest well. You will be productive the next day to work double of it.

Marketing Business Yourself

silver imac displaying analytics

You are just beginning and marketing your business by yourself. What is wrong with that? You must know one term and that is wise marketing. Sometimes you think you are doing great but you are just spending money.

How to Avoid

Start taking the help of a digital marketing agency or a personal digital marketer. They have all those capabilities which will help you promote your business in the right way. A business is your baby and promoting it wisely is must don’t make those mistakes that are already done by others. Do learn from them.


Business is a great opportunity and the best decision of your life. You should not take any risk while being at the initial stage. Even the smallest startup mistake can create big trouble for you.

One example, not filing taxes on time will lead to the sealing of the business. Who can help you out with that? Its the lawyer who will give you legal details of the business. Knowing every detail of the business is of great value.

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