How To Start Juice Bar In India: The Complete Guide 2

How To Start Juice Bar In India: The Complete Guide

A getaway from your hectic life calls for some drinks. But, you can’t compromise on your diet. Why not have healthy juices? Every weekend juice bars are loaded with large crowds. As understood juice bars are never low on demand, why wait to start a juice bar business in India.

Juice business ideasJuice business comes in various forms. We have listed out the various juice business ideas. You need to identify that one which is most suitable. Further, you can go through with a guide, to begin with, your plan.


Juice Bar Business Ideas

Mobile Truck Juice Business

Juice businessThe juice truck will be a new experience for customers. Providing something new to the market creates goodwill. You can promote your business well and create a brand. You can cross the first hurdle of marketing within months.

A food truck business is in-demand and people are attracted to unique things. It is useful to catch up with the demand. You can place your truck wherever you feel there is more demand.

Most of the juice businesses require the same equipment. But do keep in mind the space of food truck. There are a few things such as dry stock of raw material and legal requirements.

Juice and smoothie Delivery Services

juice bar

Smoothies are rising among youngsters as they provide nutritional value. Getting those healthy smoothies at home is what they would like as any other thing.

The fitness industry is one of the large targeted markets for smoothies. A health-conscious person cant says no to a smoothie. You just need the right marketing.

You can start with an innovative line of smoothies. It will build a different brand. Organize a smoothie event in your town and know the potential customers.

Juice Services at Social Events

juice business in indiaA social event is incomplete without a beverage. What sets the atmosphere for an event? What presents the positive character of your company? What reduces stress from your guests? A fresh appetizer is all that what you are looking for.

The catering industry is booming constantly and you don’t have to research for that. Every year you attend at least 3-4 weddings and what you are served very first? It is not paneer tikka, it’s maybe an orange juice.

You should consider catering to social events is a big task. It involves designing a menu, pricing, and quality service. One mistake and you can lose a large base of customers.

Think About A Franchise

Juice business in indiaThe most difficult task for a business is to create its worth. While buying a franchise completes that task for you. If you are selling through the drunken monkey brand then you don’t need any marketing.

A franchise does all the work for you. The topmost thing which you need to consider while selecting his option is the legal aspects of a franchise.

While choosing a franchise in India you should do your market research well. Don’t think any good brand can work in India. Customers are a bit choosy than you can imagine.

Organic Juice Business

Organic juices business in indiaSwitching to organic products is a new trend that you should also take a look at. Owning an organic juice bar is one the most profitable way to earn money. Customers spend much more nowadays on the nutrition they get.

Providing organic products does not only benefit you but more than that it benefits society. You are working here for something much more better. You must have heard of detox drinks, where this has come from?

It’s the organic juices that clear your body. Higher amounts of nutrient and better quality is automatically an attraction for the customers. You won’t even have to wait for your first customer. Just be thoughtful about your pricing.

Cafe Juice Bars

Juice bar businessWhy cafe juice bars are soo popular nowadays? Its nothing but the combination of those things that customers were waiting for. And, now if they are getting that then the demand is obvious.

The campaign is way old now, people are aware of the unhealthy food. Demand for healthy food and drinks is rising, there is no doubt about that. Its the best time to invest in the food industry.

You should market yourself first and give quality services. At the initial phase be patient and provide additional services to your customers. Delivery services and variety of food is one of the demanding services.

Let us move to the further segment where you can learn the basics of starting a juice bar in India. Don’t miss out on any detail. 

Legal Requirements

Without completing legal requirements you are always under pressure by the government. Don’t choose that stress and complete all the formalities before any interference. Starting a juice bar calls for basic licensing and other registrations of the business.

Here is a list that will give you every detail in one place.

  • GST Registration the new goods and service tax applies to you also. You can apply to the government website directly. Fill out your details and get the registration done online.
  • FSSAI License starting a business in the food industry does always need an FSSAI certification. It guarantees the reliability and quality of your brand. If you are going for franchising then don’t bother about that.
  • Trademark While if you are going for your brand then you don’t want anyone to copy that. A trademark license will ensure that your logo and brand name are not used by anyone else.

Identify Location

The location a juice bar will be dependent upon the type of business you choose. It can be permanent or mobile as per the options mentioned before. Both of the options have some common features that affect the location.

  • Crowded places Your location should be a crowded place. You can research and define the target audience. According to the targeted market, you will be quick to decide the location of your business. If you choose the mobile truck business, You are at an advantage of choosing among various location and change it any time.
  • Reachability Selecting a location where you are reachable to your customers is considered much better. You would yourself won’t go to a faraway place for daily requirements. However, mobile business benefits by reaching to every customer.
  • Parking Space Don’t forget parking space. Maybe you don’t see it but your customers will. You won’t even know and customers will switch to your competitor just because you lack enough space to park. If you are on the wheels business, then be ready to have a couple of chairs and benches.
  • Infrastructure Modern and unique infrastructure attract customers easily. You can go to various websites online design specifically with a new concept. Jail bar is one of the cafes in India that you can visit and get the infrastructure details.
  • Lighting One of the important factors of a juice bar is played by lightning. You must have known that lightning sets the mood. You can make your customers happy and cheerful with some basic light arrangements.
  • Visibility If you are a corner shop then how you can assume to have customers? You need to be visible to be remembered by customers. If they don’t remember the tour place they cant come again.

Equipment Needed

start a juice barA juicer is not everything that you need to start a juice bar. The productivity of the business and quality of your products is everything in the business. How do you maintain quality services with increased productivity? High-quality equipment is your team to start with.

Here is a list, go through with it. You can also check out the products on Webstaurant Store.

  • Refrigerator
  • Ice machine
  • Juicer
  • Blender
  • Dishwasher
  • Measuring cups
  • Large trash cans
  • Plastic wraps
  • Fruit peeling machines
  • Knives
  • Cutting board
  • Portion scale
  • Pos system
  • Napkins
  • Table
  • Chair

Designing Menu

Are you wondering that a juice bar doesn’t require a menu? No, it’s not the list of all juices but you would need variety in a juice menu too. There are a lot of factors that affect the menu of a juice bar. Juices come in different flavors and combinations.

A menu is normally designed according to the themes, You can classify menu with various themes. Here is a list of themes, design a menu by choosing the themes.

Organic Themed Juices

Generally, menus are designed with keeping in mind the health benefits. But, organic juices are produced with pure juice perfection. With no processing, heating or mixing. You should focus on the unique experience of customers.

Low Sugar and Calorie Juices

Various low-calorie fruits are available in the market. But beyond these fruits, you can also create a variety of juices. Heard of keto diet? What does it offer? The specific green veggie juices are a product of the keto diet. You can maintain a different theme with these veggies.

Child Oriented Juice Menu

We have all been there when we didn’t like to eat food at home. Maybe now also. Then how can children get basic nutrients? Kids love different flavors, you can maintain a child based juice menu. Apple Lemonade, Pineapple and kale juice, Carrot and orange juices are some of the examples.

You can go for veggies and mix them with fruits. It changes the taste of juice and gives a different color to it. Do consider the quantity for kids, as they cant dring a whole glass at once.

Innovative Variety Juice Menu

What attracts most to every customer at any age is the innovation. Mixing more than one fruit is one of the innovative ways. You can consider new flavors to stand out from the competition. Strawberry-Banana and Sweet Green are the new refreshing variety of juices.

Origin Based Juices

Juices are based on the originality, it builds trust among the customers. You can consider, dry fruit juices and berry juices. You can create juices based on your home town.

Limited Edition Juices

Juices that are available only at your place create a specialty in the market. You can visit various top juice brand websites and learn about innovative products. While inventing a new flavor never stop focusing on the quality of the product.

Profit Margin

After deciding the various niche that you consider fruitful. You should calculate the profitability of the business. But, How to calculate the profit margin? Follow these steps and confirm that your business is profitable enough.

  1. Get the production costs, you can survey through a local seller.
  2. Decide the pricing of the products based on your competitors.
  3. Calculate profit and gross margin
  4. Calculate total profit per day

After calculating the profit margin, You should research the market. You need to know whether the market exists for your niche or not. Also, consider the size of the market. Profit margins can be changed according to the sales of your business. It needs to review at least once a year.

Overall Costs

Before finalizing to start with the juice business, You should consider the cost of starting the business. The estimated cost of starting the juice store would amount to between Rs 10 lakh to Rs 20 lakh. While if you are considering the mobile truck business then it would amount to Rs 2 lakh to Rs 5 lakh.

A juice bar involves the different kinds of costs, don’t forget any of these costs. The various cost involved in the juice business is:

  • Legal Cost
  • Staff Cost
  • Marketing Cost
  • Land
  • Mobile truck (If you start a mobile truck juice bar)
  • Equipment Cost
  • Rent (For a leased out location)


You should plan carefully, designing a menu is the most precious thing in a juice bar. The juicing industry is on the peak.

If you are going on the right track then it’s rewarding. This will be the best experience of your life. Once you get settled in your business, don’t think it’s over. You have a long way to go.

Now we hope you are clear with the process to start a juice bar in India. Just be consistent and focused on your work.

If you are planning big and willing to open a restaurant business we have a guide for you.

If you have any doubts comment below. Ready to help. Waiting for your feedback.

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