20 Unique Ways to Earn Money From Google 2

20 Unique Ways to Earn Money From Google

Have you ever wondered what is the earning source of google? The maximum earnings of google come from selling advertisements. Billions of people are promoting, boosting sales, earning and sharing on google. Google has become the biggest source of earning.

learn how to earn money from google

There are tonnes of ways for you to get your share of earning by using google. Don’t think that it is easy money. You need to be serious about the job.

In this article, we are sharing the unique ways on how to earn money from google that were not known to most of the people. You may know how to use google applications but the same applications can be worthwhile to earn money.


Let us Understand How to Earn Money from Google:

Google Podcast

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Podcasts were introduced in 2014 by apple. In India, the growth rate of the podcast is more than 50 percent annually. If you are into storytelling then the podcast is the best way to earn money. Turn your stories into a podcast and publish them on google podcasts.

You can start by listening to The Indian startup show, the biggest podcast of all time in India. Google is a platform that allows earning through publishing podcasts. Your podcasts, if selected tunes into google play music.

Learn how to publish podcasts through google.

Google Books

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We all read books and also explore online books. Where do these books come from? They are published by google through the book writers. If you are a writer who wants to work with a brand. Then this opportunity is for you.

Google lets you publish or sell books online. Well, it is not that easy, your books should be that much worth to get customers.

Step by step process to publish books on google.

Google Adsense

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One of the most popular ways of earning google is google Adsense. Whenever you will want to know about google earnings, Google Adsense is the first thing you will see. The very first thing is the requirement for an online website.

Get your online website completed and then give spaces for businesses to promote their ads. The spaces should be written with the codes to place their ads. Then an online auction occurs, who pays high places their ad on your website. You get paid for promoting their ads.

Learn the detailed process here.

Google My Business

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The feature of Google to promote your business is the simplest way to earn. Provided you are running a business online or offline. Google my business lets you create a website for your business, which is trusted by every individual due to its promotion through google.

Your website will have a bundle of features that will help you to target a specific market and even know what is favorable for your business. What changes google do for your business? It makes your ordinary business into a brand.

If you are new to google my business then start learning from here.

Google Events

20 Unique Ways to Earn Money From Google 3

Events are regularly hosted by google. You need to make sure that you follow google to get the updates of the events. It will help you to build a network in the digital world. This is a great way of promoting your business.

It can open doors to the big giant industry. You can advance a career by networking in these events.

Google Webinars

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Have you heard of webinars? If not then remember what is a seminar, webinars are the online form of seminars. You can earn by promoting brands through webinars. How Google helps you here? Google provides you a platform to create webinars and it is up to your capability, how well you can promote them.

Google webinars are a direct way to reach a targeted market according to your expertise. If you are into the tech industry then manage a tech webinar and share your knowledge. One of the influential tech webinars of 2019 is How to begin a career in data science.

Learn to earn through webinars here.

Google Online Courses

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What about those who love to teach? We have something for you too. Designing an online course can be your thing. Just put everything you know into an online course to help people learn. Google will give you that opportunity to earn from online courses. You need to create an attractive course that helps people effectively.

Learn through this guide and earn from your courses.

Google Careers

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You may not be ready to start your career at home if you want a 9 to 5 job in a big company. You can show off your knowledge on Google. Google careers help you get a job at google company. You can check the google career page and know for yourself, which job suits you.

Apply directly through google career website.

Google Campaigns

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What Google has to offer is little known by people. One more feature that google supports is a google campaign. Start a campaign and promote brands online. How you get paid? You can collaborate with brands to pay you for promoting them on google campaigns.

Now you may also know that google campaigns are designed in such a way that it is really easy to create different kinds of campaigns differently. It has become a separate business sector for those who know how to use it purposefully.

You can know that too by this guide.

Google Opinion Rewards

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Google is spending a huge sum to know what are people’s preferences. How do they do that? Google pays for opinions that are honest and authentic. Google will provide you one survey a week and based on the answers you give, it will pay you.

Learn the process of using google’s opinion rewards here.

Google Video Broadcasting

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Youtube is the most used application of google. Nowadays what information you cant understand on google is viewed on youtube. For those who aren’t shy of the camera, the video blogging world is waiting for you. You may not know that Google pays for every view you get.

Also, youtube has more than one way of earning. You can promote brands through ads, interviews, and links. Not even brands will pay for what you are promoting, even you become a popular person.

Learn how to create a youtube channel.

Invest in Google

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With the trust that Google has built among businesses. Google shares are boosting at a high rate. If you are someone who has a basic knowledge of the share market then you can easily predict the rate at which share of google will rise.

You can start investing in google and stay relaxed, know the process here.


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Blogging has become popular among youngsters. New minds have creative ideas. It is time for you to pen down those ideas and share them with the world. Blogs are read worldwide. Don’t limit your scope in India. You can even be the next popular blogger in the world.

Google blogs are famous due to the quality they offer. You need basic experience to become a blogger at google. Authenticity is the basic requirement to be a blogger.

YouTube Paid Promotion

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Youtube is used all over India. You may know the earning ways from creating a youtube channel. But google helps in various ways to earn through a youtube channel. What you promote on youtube can be a business or any other institution. You get paid from that third party. In this way, youtube paid promotions work.

Learn google policies related to youtube paid promotions.

Google Pay

20 Unique Ways to Earn Money From Google 4

Google pay is the recently launched app by google. This earning way is the kind of side income that you can earn easily. What you need to do is just download the app and use it regularly. This app can be used in various ways. Especially for a business, it helps to send and receive money. You can even pay bills easily on time.

Every time you use this app, you get a scratch card. Through the scratch card, you can earn a lot of cashback. Cashback can be used for further transactions.

Google Collaboratory

20 Unique Ways to Earn Money From Google 5

What about those who are tech guys and want to earn money through google? It is for you, start using google collaboratory. An easier way that doesn’t requires any coder to purchase a software or a separate setup for coding. Start coding at google collaboratory and develop execute them or save them as per your convenience.

Beginners who are moving to the code industry can simply learn through google collaboratory. It also has learning modules which makes it easier to become a coding expert. This way you can start earning by easy coding.

Google Partners

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Google offers you to partner with the company. You need to pass certification exams to get the google partner badge. How a google badge helps you to earn? Firstly it builds trust among users and you can easily attract big brands to work with you. Also at the time of getting certifications for your google badge, Google helps you to learn various techniques.

You can easily earn by creating quality content on blogs, youtube or your website. Google partners are given preference by various users.

Learn how to be a partner at google.

Digital Garage

20 Unique Ways to Earn Money From Google 6

It is the online course for free provided by google. It can open great opportunities for you. To start your digital career, a digital garage can help you to learn the concepts that are not shared by anyone. It is divided into 26 different lessons. That covers a variety of aspects from the view of the digital potential of a=the businesses.

Improve your skills at the digital garage.

Google Primer

20 Unique Ways to Earn Money From Google 7

It is an initiative taken by Google to enhance the productivity of the business. What do you get from google primer? You can learn various ways of boosting your business, increasing the target market, expanding business and much more. It is the opportunity for businesses to earn big with the help of google primer.

You will not require to waste money at a counselor, guide or mentor. Google primer will be everything to learn for business.

Google Merchant

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Whenever you search for a business on google, you can see the results. How does it get there on the system of google? Everything about your shop and products will be available to the world through google merchant. But how do you earn money from it? Nowadays people charge money to make a google merchant profile for other businesses.

Due to the increasing worth of digital presence, you can do that too. Learn about google merchant here.


google business ideas

Google has proved that it is not just a search application but more than that. Google has taken initiatives that are far beyond helping, they are educating businesses and beginners to realize their potential.

Use this opportunity to transform your life. There is no such online platform that will fulfill both of your needs of earning and learning. Hope you are ready to earn with our article on how to earn money from google.

Here is a Tip# You can start earning through Google and if you get stuck, start learning at google.

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