25 Rental Business Ideas You Need To Focus In 2020!

Everything you can use in this world can be given in rent. Yes, it is true. You just need to find a buyer. But will we start any rental business? Nit at all. You get to understand which are the profitable rental business that will avoid future risks. What would you need for it? A well-maintained list of rental business ideas that ensures you get to know the pros and cons of the rental business.

The rental business ideas are easy to come up with but hard to survive. So here are those that will not give you many wrinkles in your face. Stop worrying and start reading. I would warn you that the list is never-ending but halfmba.com has curated the best ones.


Vehicle renting business

Vehical rental business ideas

While launching a rental business what we almost forget is every business starts from your home. You can rent your own vehicles as starters and then launch a fresh vehicle renting business. If you think how is that possible? Then you are on the right track because it takes real hard work to start a business.

First of all, you need to maintain a fleet of vehicles. The business already comes with a risk, what if you don’t get enough customers? But nit for halfmba.com readers because you can avoid this risk even before it appears. Start renting your own vehicles and eventually you will start a business.

1 Car rental

all those who have good knowledge about cars can start a car rental business. The great benefit of a rental business is you don’t have to invest in an office space. Why? Because you can operate a rental business directly from home. This is true especially in the case of car rentals.

Most car rental companies get cars from those individuals who don’t use their cars. One of the biggest examples is the Zoom car and there you have the flexibility to use rental cars. You can easily list your car on the website and get paid while sitting at home. 

If you are willing to learn everything about Car rental business plan we have a must visit article for you Click here and read the article.

2 Bicycle rental

At most of the tourist places in India bicycling is a great adventure and what do you need most for it? Of course a bicycle. This need is fulfilled by a bicycle renting business. You can easily get a bicycle on rent and enjoy your time then give it back.

If you wonder where the bicycle rental business stands beside the tourism sector? Visit Wheelstreet and you would come to know how much bicycle business has flourished. It not only deals in tourism but also the second-hand goods sector, online transport websites, and various others. 

3 Goods carrier rental

The transport business is just flourishing as any other business but what happens when you need to transport a good? You will basically go to a goods carrier transport company but do they buy all their vehicles? I bet you didn’t have thought of that. There are many companies who get their vehicles on rent.

While besides transportation, good careers are rented for a daily basis by small businesses. With the inline demand rising rapidly in India you can also see goods carriers rising more than ever. It has proven to be the increasing profitability sector in recent years.

4 Public transport rental

If you can’t understand what public transport I mentioned here then let me tell you that auto-rickshaw which you use daily are mostly on rents. Did you think that people who are little daily can afford to buy rickshaws? 90% times you will find a rental rickshaw.

Well, why only rickshaws? I have more examples than that, buses are rented by companies. There is a great market for public transport because of one and only reason; the huge population in India. Even if you have a lot of companies, the demand us yet not fulfilled.

5 Truck rentals

The big vehicles on the road that we ordinary people think before even crossing them are rented. The high cost of buying a truck makes it more useful when rented and used. Who would want to invest a big amount when they can easily find an alternative. The daily rent on these vehicles is so much more productive than buying them.

But all those entrepreneurs who have a good amount of investment can certainly not ignore the profits in Truck rentals. They earn high due to their capacity and demand maintenance over time. You can provide trucks on rent and get high returns for each deal.

6 Bike rentals

Bikes are one of those vehicles that come in a variety from regular usage to luxury. And hence its market ranges from a poor class to middle class to rich class. Yes! You are thinking right, it covers every individual in society. If you plan on a bike rental business then it is certainly a large sector.

You need to learn some basic rules here such as regular use bikes are the most preferable for rentals. The bike renting business stands higher in the tourism sector and gives good profits in the working sector. When the working class can not afford a two-wheeler then a rental vehicle is a good option. 

7 Boat rentals

The boat is not exactly a vehicle but it lets you walk on water. So yeah! It works as a vehicle on the water. And we all have gone boating, do we purchase a boat for that? Well of course not. That means the boat renting business is too common and you can get continuous returns for life.

Once purchased a boat can give you good returns for the long term. Moreover, besides good profits, you also have a variety of sectors to explore. The boat is not given just for boating, it is a medium of transportation for various countries. While the boat rental business has vast scope outside India too.

Property rental business

25 Rental Business Ideas You Need To Focus In 2020! 1

Don’t feel stressed while trading about property rentals because I also have low investment options for you. You may want to know what are the benefits of property rentals? One of the biggest benefits in India is you get well-paid income for even small land. Why? A large population and less area is the answer.

Now if you are thinking that how can I buy land which is already priced very high and then lend it to someone else? This question comes to everyone’s mind the answer is revealed here. If you are in a hurry go directly to point number 14 and 16z

8 Storage Renting service

The godowns in India are the best kind of rentals that you can offer. The biggest advantage of renting a storage area is you get paid a commercial price for residential land. Yes! This aspect is ignored by most if entrepreneurs. You can easily convert the residential land and give it in the rental for storage.

Various goods are high in demand for a storage area and they pay a good price for even far away land. You just need to find a network in the business world. Most of the customers come from the manufacturing and delivery sector so keep an eye there.

9 House rental service

Sometimes a while house is vacant, the reasons are multiple but why to waste it. Get paid for what you have. It is something a wise mind can come up with. Various Indians don’t give up their vacant houses for rentals but at present, the scenario has changed.

Even the online platforms are available for renting your houses and giving it to reliable users. One such example is Airbnb. It lets you rent a place and use their furniture in any city in the world. This new trend is loved by people and makes then feel like home even in new cities.

10 Garden rental service

If you are confused while reading the heading then imagine a marriage ceremony going in a garden. Are those gardens purchases for those ceremonies? No, they are rented. So if you have such gardens even at faraway places in the city then you can make them available for rent.

These ceremonies pay high amounts for the land hence it is a profitable business. The Sayaji hotel group in India is one such business that is a leading example of garden rentals. You can even build a hotel on these lands and convert them into a hotel and garden areas.

11 Terrace rental service

Yes, you can tend a terrace and various options are available. If you think this is not true then go on 99acres.con and find yourself. Various Terrace is already listened to be availed as rental areas. These terraces can be used for multiple purposes. The profits are dependent on the use of terraces.

If the wedding functions are held then profits are high, but if the regular party is held then profit can be average but in all; it is quite a profitable business. You will find a large market for the terrace rental business.

12 Apartment rental service

The number of apartments is booming in India and so is the apartment rental service. You will find various apartments available for rent, especially in the educational cities. The apartment rental service is available mostly for students who come from different cities to study.

Various apartment rental platforms are also built to get the service online. The service is very useful and you could easily find an apartment for rent. You can develop a website and start working even from home to build a successful apartment rental business.

13 Room rental service

For those individuals who have big houses that have vacant rooms can use those rooms as for earning money. There are already various companies that have the box with the room rental service ideas. You could even start an online platform which helps to get a room for rent. 

As you already understand that there are various available rooms but you must also know that the demand for these rooms is abundantly high. The students coming from different cities or those who can not afford a house are paying good money for these rooms.

14 Campsite rental service

We all have done a bonfire beside a camp, these camping trips will demand a campsite on rent before planning the trip. You may also find the campsite through online sources. The campsite rental business is best in tourist attracted cities. You will find major customers there.

Also, an online platform enables you to earn high but you should note that it must hold high features so as to survive in the competitive market. one such example is Camping Co that gets you attractive places for camping. You can easily book online and reserve your seat anytime.

Essential supply rentals

25 Rental Business Ideas You Need To Focus In 2020! 2

15 Portable Toilet Renting

So nowadays you can get a portable toilet on rent. Well, you must be wondering why a person would want a toilet on rent and that too portable one? It is because of various vanity vans or photoshoots would require a toilet. But if a toilet is not portable then it can not be rented. So basically you require a portable rental toilet. It has a limited scope of sales.

16 Movie Rental

Well this us a common one. We may have rented movies to our friends, not like a business but just helping them. It has become a business now where you can earn from. You’re a movie collection if you have. Or you can collect movies and then rent them. The profits depend on which kind of movie collection you have. Right now we series are demanded more than movies so if you have them start renting them.

17 Baby gear renting

When a new baby is born they require some initial stuff which is rented by the parents. Why? It is because these items are really costly and if they can’t afford it then they can directly get it on rent. This culture has come to India as it also saves in cost. The items that baby gear includes are many cribs, toys, and much more.

18 Book Rental

Renting books is another kind of rental business and libraries are doing it since forever. The missing part is these libraries are doing it for free. So now you can start charging and earn money through this great rental business idea.

Accessory Rental

25 Rental Business Ideas You Need To Focus In 2020! 3

What do you swear? How do you showcase yourselves? How do you accessorize? All these things come to mind while moving out of the house. If you don’t look 10 times from top to bottom then you are not satisfied. This tells only one thing that accessories are also a rental business.

Every accessory which is not affordable can be given in rent. If you understand this statement then multiple accessories have come to your mind. You may have already thought of this once but now is the time to do it. Various accessories are really expensive but they are often less used so why not rent them?

19 shoes rental

The shoes show the character of a person and they take an important place in life. while those who are working in the brand image sector can know it really well. The high-quality shoes are rented by many individuals as they are not affordable by everyone. So the show rental business comes to rescue.

But the film industry is the biggest customer of the shoe rental business. With the film industry, various celebrities get their shoes on rentals as the new fashion is costly but never limited. A shoe rental business works on high profits as branded shoes are only involved here.

20 Handbags rental

Well, the cost of branded bags is not hidden from any of us but when we want to showcase ourselves than these bags are necessary. Handbags rental business is just what you will need. So the demand for handbag rentals is not limited to the particular sector and the profits are good.

Handbags are also rented to celebrities and on film shoots for various films. You can expand this business to the film industry. Also, various modeling shows and commercials require handbags on rent. So there are various opportunities for rental handbags.

21 Jewelry rental

In the world, if social show off, no one is left behind to copy the celebrities. With this demand comes the new jewelry renting sector, being the innovative rental business idea. Jewelry renting has become common now in India. Every big event will be found with rented jewelry.

But the scope for jewelry rental business doesn’t end here. You can approach celebrities as they even buy jewelry on rent. The big screen has artificial and real heels on rent and you can enhance your jewelry rental business till there.

You can also make your own jewelry and sale it visit this article to learn the jewelry making skills

22 Tent renting business

Tents are the mist common renting business available in every market in India. If you have ever purchased a tent then good luck. Tents are used on rent only so the business is ever-growing. If you think that the need for tents is much less than you are wrong. India has proved the tent business to be quite profitable.

Every marriage function in India has found one tent on rentals. Halfmba.com bad done its research to let you know the best rental business ideas and the tent rental business is the most found one. You can not find inline tent renting apps and this removes much competition. So start learning more about the tent rental business.

Additional rental business

25 Rental Business Ideas You Need To Focus In 2020! 4

Well, of course, the society is filled with opportunities so, beyond specific markets, I have total exclusive rental business ideas that can work well in today’s time. Some of these businesses have been the hardcore profitable ones and others I did not mention them.

Business is for profits and that’s what you will read down below. So the basic rental business is far away from specialty ones if you want to become wildly successful then look at them now. Not many but top 3 are listed below.

23 Game renting business

The gaming industry can be said to be one of the profitable industries that do not loses its spark even in difficult times. You will never find the gaming industry in losses. So yes you can invest here but rental games are much more on the profit side of the gaming industry. Why?

The answer lies in the vast market where even second-hand goods are paid for the actual price. So if you don’t value your games much then start valuing them now. Maybe you can rent them for really good rates. Also, rental games have continuous income advantage if you are able to update them on time.

24 Artificial flower on rent

If you think that why flowers are given in rent then you certainly don’t know that flowers with really high costs die to exist in this world. And those flowers are given in rent.you may want to reconsider this option and look out for opportunities really through your eyes. Yes there us everything that you can give in rent and now that is proven to be true 

The flower renting business is certainly not a large sector and that is why it is on the last numbers on our list but you can earn good profits with regular customers. It is a thriving business in the market that is innovative enough to expand.

25 Animals on rent

Don’t get surprised because there are services that can get you animals on rent. You can hire animals for various purposes such as functions, events, and various other purposes. The opportunity in the world is vast so if you are a pet person then you can too earn money. Give your pets on rent to those who need them.

Initially, you can start with your own pets, and then you can even build a successful business. While online sources are also available so a website is an easy approach to start an animal renting business.it earns high with low investment.


25 Rental Business Ideas You Need To Focus In 2020! 5

I hope that you found various top rental business ideas in India. You can curate a list for yourself so that it gets easier and you can make which business suits your interests

Here is a tip# plan some of the good courses so that you can learn the basic concepts of business.

What are the best ideas? Which rental business ideas you liked? What are your favorite rental business ideas?

Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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