6 Simple Steps To Start A Dog Breeding Business 2

6 Simple Steps To Start A Dog Breeding Business

If you love to have dogs in your backyard or you already have found your passion for dogs then you are on the right track to start a dog breeding business in India. What is the most popular myth about dog breeders? They behave irresponsibly, well that’s not true.

learn to start dog breeding business

How do you establish a successful business to convert your love into profits? This guide will help in every such way that is seen profitable and healthy in respect of dogs. What are those unique ways which add to income for a dog breeder? You can learn those techniques by reading below…


Exactly who is a dog breeder?

6 Simple Steps To Start A Dog Breeding Business 3

It is not a pet shopkeeper who is found in a local area who sell dogs. When an individual intentionally breeds dogs to produce characteristics by their choice, it is termed as dog breeding. Generally without the interference of a human will result in the natural selection of characteristics. It is basically done to achieve favored qualities in dogs.

Starting a dog breeding business will demand a hardcore business plan that is able to defeat hurdles on your way

Here, is the step by step guide that will help you to take action in the right direction. 

Step 1 Ask yourself, are you ready?

Before moving on to start a dog breeding business, it is mandatory that you ascertain skills required for the business. Specific training is preferred by most dog breeders to be the best in the business.

Here is a tested questionnaire to go through.

Are you passionate about breeding dogs?

It is important for that phase of business when you come across with low times of the business. You will keep going to better your breeds nevertheless you find yourself in a bad place because it will be something you love. This is the thing which will help you to be profitable and grab the opportunity in those unfruitful times.

Do you have enough knowledge regarding these factors?

  • Breeding Process
  • Dog Development 
  • Grooming and Training 
  • Health Concerns
  • Hereditary
  • Nourishment
  • Dog Pregnancy 
  • Kinds of Breeds
  • Keeping records of Dogs

If you are lacking in any way then go for these courses to make your skills perfect. 

What qualities do you possess among these?

  • Business Mind
  • Long hours of hard work 
  • Patience 
  • Inspired to learn more
  • Expansion skills
  • Motivation
  • Getting dirty during work
  • Strong health and physique 
  • Love for dogs

You can improve your fitness and health while working with dog grooming centres. It is the most common way used by beginners to get basic skills.

Step 2 Understand the market

6 Simple Steps To Start A Dog Breeding Business 4

Each dog is different from others. You need to know their features, prices, characteristics and health issues.

Your targeted niche

Which kind of dogs is suitable for your business? You will be able to decide by knowing the growth in the market. Use the data available or approach local breeders to get appropriate knowledge.

Demand for dog breeders

You should understand the perspective of customers. It may be possible that you jump into a market niche where you don’t find competition but it is possible that customers don’t demand in that market. Analyze the demand before you take a step forward.


You must understand your competitors and their approach in the business. Which unique services do they provide that you might be able to offer too? What skills they have that sets them an apart from the market? Try to think from a customers point of view and you will know why they are trading with your competitor.

Step 3 Know about legalities 

6 Simple Steps To Start A Dog Breeding Business 5

Learn these regulations to breed dogs.

For male dogs

  • Male dogs should be granted a license 10 days prior to breeding and after gaining 18 months of maturity.
  • Male dogs should be healthy and certified.

For female dogs

  • Female fogs are allowed to breed one time in a year.
  • Female dogs should be healthy.
  • Female dogs should not be forced to breed.
  • Female dogs should be certified after 18 months of maturity and then only allowed to breed.

Licenses required by a dog breeding business

Apply for the license online. These are mandatory registrations to be done before starting a dog breeding business in India

Step 4 Your Ideal Location

6 Simple Steps To Start A Dog Breeding Business 6

While identifying a location for the dog breeding business the most important factor that you must consider is:

  • Home-based dog breeding while starting at home you can use your backyard. It is the easiest way to build a dog breeding business. You will require a minimum amount of investment. You will also get a good amount of time to learn a variety of dog breeding skills.
  • Rural dog breeding if you want to purchase a large location and start dog breeding business at a large scale then go for rural breeding. It will require high investment and knowledge about dog breeds and breeding process.

Step 5 Learn the breeding process.

The complete process for breeding dogs, make sure to pen down.

6 Simple Steps To Start A Dog Breeding Business 7

Choose a pair to breed

While choosing a pair you should emphasize on enhancing the strengths and balance out the weakness of the pair.

Understand Genetics

You must know what disease follows in their blood. Proper action should be taken to minimize the effect of future breeds.

Get the Contract

Now sign the contract from the owner of the pair. It will avoid future interference and states any innovation on part of the previous owner.

Ensure Safety

You must perform health checks to ascertain any underlying disease that can create trouble in future. It will also build confidence in your breed.


While breeding you have two options:

  • Natural Breeding
  • Artificial Breeding

It is up to you but most of the time it is recommended to use natural breeding process. It causes less pressure on the female dog and becomes easier for a dog breeder too.


Keep a watch on your bitch while she is pregnant. It is important to give her proper nourishment and care. You must be careful to know the signs of labour and pregnancy.

Birth of Puppies 

Generally, there is no need for help to dogs and puppies will be born naturally. You must ensure the number of placentae should match with a number of puppies. If not then it may cause a problem further.

Puppy Care

After the birth of puppies, they should be kept with the mother. They should be healthy and properly checked by a doctor. It is important to keep the area clean.

Registration for Puppies 

Once puppies are born it is important that you get them registered so that it is possible to sell them in future. Without registration, you are at risk of losing customers.

Weaning Process

There are many ways that you can use to separate puppies. You should have experience for the same or consider for hiring an individual to help in the process.

Sending Puppies

You should find suitable homes for your puppies. It is your responsibility to look out for the best care they can get in the homes.

Step 6 Additional income sources for a dog breeder.

Dog breeding business equips you with great knowledge of dogs. You can use that knowledge and dog breeding location to earn extra money. Here are some methods to use.

6 Simple Steps To Start A Dog Breeding Business 8

Dog Grooming Center 

If you are efficient in grooming dogs then there are a lot of people who will want you to groom their dogs. You can earn a ton of money by providing an additional service accompanied by dog breeding.

Dog Daycare

Nowadays dogs are a buyer with so much of love and curiosity but people due to their work are not able to handle. This creates an opportunity for you to provide daycare services.

Dog education 

An experienced dog breeder can start a course that helps other fog breeders to start and enhance their business. You will be doing something for your industry.

Consultancy Services

Most people do not have enough knowledge about dogs and their related issues. If you are an expert then you can start providing that service.


6 Simple Steps To Start A Dog Breeding Business 9

If you are reading the bottom line then we understand you are serious about starting a dog breeding business in India. You must learn the process to breed dogs and understand your skills with the help of the questions provided above.

Don’t wait to take the step, the industry is rising pretty fast. You need to take action now. While going forward do not forget to think about various registrations mandatory for a dog breeding business.

Here is a TIP# Government has given rules and regulations for the dog breeding industry that you need to understand. If you want to know then read them here.

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