9 Must-Follow Steps To Start Candle Making Business In India 2

9 Must-Follow Steps To Start Candle Making Business In India

The freshness of mood, the treat for eyes, welcoming wishes from your family and various other natural feelings are expressed through a good scent of a candle. While these candles are feelings to some but a large profit to others. 

Can you name one such business that is really easy but a catch for the market? The candle making business gets all the points and yes, we can name a few benefits for the candle making business. Before that, you must know that the demand for the candle industry is increasing year by year.

Know how here;

  • The market has abundant opportunities that you can grab from, for starters you may approach the localities. But when you explore each and every aspect of candle making business then you get to know about the bundle of hidden gems of the industry.
  • The candle making market is directly proportional to the hard work you put in. The profitability of candle making businesses increases every year as you grow the business. Also, you need to know the demand if your business according to the location you choose.
  • The main reason why this is the most popular kind of business among startups is less input and more output. Even though you are working for fewer hours, you can earn high profits by a little bit of smart thinking.
  • The religious faith and inclination of Indians towards rituals give a vast market to the candle making industry. Although there is already a huge market for exporters too. But you can start nationally and then expand.

 You are 9 Steps Away From A Successful Candle Making Business 

Starting a candle making business requires a proper business plan. You may think of what is the need for a business plan when you can directly start making candles at home. Yes, you can but does that sound like an immature decision.

Whether you are starting a business at your home or even in a large scale organized way, it is really beneficial to have a business plan; that helps you to survive for the long term. But how does a business plan helps the business?

The major understanding of your business and its loopholes that can become problems in the future can be understood now. You are going to avoid the blunders and thank us later.

Here are some of the top books that you can read to understand the survival adventure of the business.


1 Market Niche For Candle Making Industry 

When you start to make a choice for your life, do you just directly go for it? Well no, you need to analyze the options that you have. It is a very important task while starting a candle making business in India. We are exactly going to do that now.

  • Pillar Candles: These are kind of ordinary candles that you will find at every household with a huge market towards yourself. As the name mentioned these are pillar-shaped candles with different sizes on demand. Generally, these candles are thick in size.
  • Tea Light Candles: These are some specific kinds of candles used for limited purposes being the small-sized candles. Tea light candles use a plastic cup-like structure to process and they look like a small cute version of regular candles.
  • Container Candles: These are one of the flexible candles that even gives the opportunity to start the business from home. Being numerous kinds of sizes and shapes of a container candle lets you discover various chances in the market.
  • Liquid Candles: With the name, you can imagine how liquid candles are a unique concept in the market. This is an ideal condition to attract more buyers. While these candles are also known as our candles for some specific reason. Liquid candles have their source fuel from oil.
  • Floating Candles: these are the same kind of candles but with a lot of difference in the weight compared to regular candles. You will have to put in good work to prepare these and they are sold at high prices. It is important to focus on the weight while not losing the decor and smell.
  • Cartridge Candles: If you have used a candle even once in your life then you already know about cartridge candles. The innerspring works as the feed for a wax refill. These types of candles are generally unscented and shapes can be changed. But they are really limited to production.
  • Taper Candles: A long candle, certainly longer than usual are generally called taper candles. These too have the cylindrical structure like any other candle. The important thing to note that is these are used for limited purposes while the need in India is limited.
  • Votive Candles: The most used candle in the Christian culture and especially for prayers. You will find these candles attractive with a beeswax yellow look. The market is good in India and you have enough demand. While every candle is almost the same, it is possible to expand the business easily.

2 Selection of Wax 

candle making business and process

When you choose a market niche that excites you the most, a gradual step is generally how to step into the market or how to learn the process? Well, we are here to solve your queries. 

The first part to start the candle making process is the kind of wax you will work with. It changes the outcome of the products that you manufacture and ultimately sales are upside down. So you need to be careful at this stage.

Now we should learn which wax does what and then it becomes easy to choose which one is ideal for the kind of candle you make.

  • Beeswax: why do we want to tell you about beeswax first? It is ready to use wax for any kind of candle making process and you also get satisfying results. You must know that beeswax is also available in various forms of beeswax sheets that are easy to use. The quality of wax is perfect, also known as 100% natural.
  • Granulated Wax: if you know about the ready to make candle wax then granulated wax is the answer to all of your questions. You can buy this wax specifically for a home-based candle making business and just put the wax in the container. The last thing is to put the spring and its ready to use.
  • Paraffin Wax: want good quality wax available at an affordable price? Paraffin wax is your solution. You can change the wax by adding additives to change the form of the candle. It helps to invent your own line of candles. Also, you can use Paraffin wax for making almost any kind of candle.
  • Palm Wax: if you want to create unique candles that give a specific place in the market then you need to go with palm wax. Yes, you have to know about the structure and appliance of palm oil; palm wax is made from hydrogenated palm oil. It creates really special candles such as votive candles and tea light candles.
  • Soy Wax: This one is a catch where you would want to learn more and understand the implementation of the wax. Soy wax is made up of soybean oil and gives a different texture and fragrance to the candle. In short, it changes the candle completely and you must know how it is used.
  • Gel Candle Wax: with gel wax we mean the wax is made up of gelatin. Now you must know how gelatin works so as to create specific candles. While gelatin changes the look of candles in a very different way. The candles are see-through and that makes them really attractive.
  • Stearin Wax: while a few have heard about the stearin wax but it is one of the most modern forms of wax that you can find. There is no given formula to make stearin wax but these are generally made of animal and vegetable fats. Also, they don’t emit any toxic fumes hence makes them a lot more eco friendly.
  • Coconut wax: we want you to learn everything about candle wax so here is a unique kind. It is made up of coconut and hence these are chemical-free wax. You may not find this kind of natural wax.

Top points to look at while choosing the kind of wax

  • The main difference for wax is a natural wax and synthetic wax. When the wax is made up of natural substances then these are natural wax forms and if the wax is made up by chemical additives then these are known as synthetic wax forms.
  • Natural wax forms change their facets with time while synthetic wax forms will remain the same. It becomes important to understand the different facets of natural wax forms. Also if you add chemicals to natural wax then these can too change their texture over time.
  • If you choose natural wax forms then you get abundant options to make wax or even create new natural wax forms. Synthetic wax forms are difficult to create and apply some fixed norms.

3 Preparation of Candles

Candle making business is a long journey but you have to start somewhere; here is the basic understanding of how a candle is prepared. While there are no boundaries, you can make any kind of candle from any area. Here is the list of 9 steps that you will require to start making quality candles.

  • Quantity of Wax: You need to measure the amount of wax first to make sure that sufficient wax candles are made. If you are making in a container then fill the container until you want the wax to be made. The next thing is to double the amount you have poured.
  • Wax Melting: then for small production, a general burner would be fine but large scale production needs high-quality machines to melt the wax. When you melt the wax it becomes half of what you poured.
  • Adding Fragrance: this stage calls for innovation where you can use some thinking. It is up to how you want candles to be smelt like. Add the fragrance that you want to be a part of the candle. While various fragrances are made of unique flowers and much more.
  • Synchronize with Wick: this step should be very focused where you attach the wick to the candle. You should be careful to attach the wick continuously from the bottom of the container. One error can damage your candle to its whole.
  • Cooling period: now it is time that you give some period to the wax so that it is cooled enough to be shifted into the container. You can spare a few minutes here and get ready for the next process.
  • Pour in the Container: After the wax is cooled enough then you can shift the fluid into a container. This container will be the resulting look and you need to get a good container. You must hold the wick properly while pouring.
  • Place the Wick: It is important that the wick is straight until the wax gets settled and you can’t hold it yourself for that long. You must keep two chopsticks and hold the wick in between. It will hold for long.
  • Balancing the Wax: it may happen that the surface of wax is not balanced. So you can reheat the new fluid and then pour it in the container. It will make the surface smooth and ready to cool off.
  • Check the Wick: if the wick is long enough then you can cut the wick from the top. It will complete the last step of making a great candle. Then you should focus on cutting the wick properly.

4 Candle Making Equipment

9 Must-Follow Steps To Start Candle Making Business In India 4

Candle making business has been working on different platforms from home-based to small scale to large scale. These will define the kind of equipment that you will be using for the candle making process.

  • Wax: The above-mentioned list is enough to help you out for choosing an ideal form of wax. It is required to start the process and quantity is majorly I’m ok factor.
  • Fragrance Oil: This is not the equipment but the game changed for your products. It is important that you choose unique oils to produce good quality candles.
  • Molds: there are abundant containers available in the market but it solely depends on the look of candles you want to create. So choose some unique containers to create good candles.
  • Dyes: now it is time to have a color of candles. You will find any kind of color in a candle so it is up to you which color prospects you are choosing. 
  • Wick: Every kind of candle will require a wick and hence you have to get a bundle of these. While there are not many options so you can get the wicks easily.
  • Thermometer: You may think that a small scale candle business diet requires a thermometer but that’s wrong. You will require a thermometer and it is very important.
  • Decorative Material: The main attraction to the buyers is the look that you create in a candle. Decorative material helps to make specialty candles.
  • Heat Basis: you will require a good quality heat source to melt the wax. Various appliances are available online or home-based burners will be fine for small scale business.

The above list is limited for all those looking for small scale businesses a bit when you plan for a large scale business; you must plan for that kind of big machines. Here is a look at that equipment that is really essential.

  • Fully Automatic Candle Making Machine: if you have tonnes of the requirement to make candles then an automatic machine is enough. A good investment is required to purchase the machine.
  • Heating Kettle: these are long-lasting and quick working technology for all those who want to produce abundant candles. To catch up with demand the kettle is good.
  • Digital Scales: while measuring the wax and placing the wick, you will require proper scales to measure. These scales are really important to work precisely.

5 Location for Candle Making Business

Candle making business has various opportunities that you can grab but we want to make them precise. So here are top options do start a candle making business. You can expand the business as being a beginner.

  • Home-based business: Candles are easy to make at home and the above-mentioned process is just enough to earn high profits in your home-based candle making business. While other options can be chosen too.
  • Small scale business: if you have good quality equipment and networks to start with an appropriate customer base then a small scale candle making business is an ideal one. Here you can use those resources that you already have.
  • Large scale business: if you already fall in the above two categories of candle making business then it is time to expand. Grid your business and make it a larger one.

6 Pricing of Candles

The most important factor after creating the candles that are appreciated in the market, pricing according to the market word of the candles. While pricing a candle there are various important factors that should be kept in mind. Here is a list of those things that you must focus on.

  • analyzing the cost of candles: whenever a product is sold it is important that you know how much cost it has consumed in order to make the product. You can include all the charges such as marketing, raw material, transportation, and various other things.
  • Calculating a total of the cost: while you’re calculating the cut total cost there are three types of cost that you should keep in mind. Variable cost, fixed cost, and total cost. You should not forget the basic expenses to be included.
  • understand the market: you need to approach various candle making businesses and know about the cost which is charged by them. You will come up with various pricing strategies after this survey. It will help you out to finalize the prices.
  • set the price: now it’s time that you said the prices of the candles. You should compare the various pricing methods and then choose the ideal pricing strategy that suits your business. Keep in mind about customer feedback, miscellaneous expenses, and other charges.

7 legal requirements to set up candle making business

9 Must-Follow Steps To Start Candle Making Business In India 5

There are various licenses and permits that will be required to set up a candle making business. It will be dependent upon the kind of business that you will start which will ultimately affect the number of licenses that you will require.

If you are serious about starting a candle making business then you must get confirmation from the government regulations. Well, there are not many rules that you have to follow. Here is the list to look at.

  • Business registration: your business will require a name and an objective, these will be registered under the company law. As soon as you register the business it will come into the stage where you can start the operations.
  • trade Licence: every business will require a trade license to start reading for the products. Do you need to apply for a trade license before commencing your business?
  • Insurance: It is an optional regulation by the government to secure business from any theft, fire or any other losses. You can acquire business insurance to provide safety for your business. It helps you to be at minimum risk.
  • GST registration: The new taxation law is applied to every individual and required to be followed by every business. You need to apply for GST registration so as to complete the taxation formalities every year.

8 sourcing of raw material

While planning for a candle making business there are a lot of raw materials that will be required in a huge quantity. These wrong materials will be affecting the cost so it is important to finalize a good vendor. It helps to provide affordable prices for the products you produce. here is the list of things that you could do to achieve your budgeted price.

  • The first step to get a decent price for the role materials is getting the quotations from various vendors. This way you can come to know which vendor is providing a decent price for the raw materials and getting the quotations from as many vendors as you can. 
  • It is important that you don’t fall for the cheap prices and lose the quality of the products. You should get a balance between the quality and prices of the products so as to build a long-lasting survival of the business.
  • It is a crucial process to select an ideal vendor for raw material sourcing. But don’t forget to check the exclusive charges that are not added by vendors or transportation delays that can be caused should be talked about.
  • The major part which is not done by various businesses is monitoring the performance of the vendors. It helps to change the vendor if not doing the task correctly. You have the right to get the product on time so be ready to have a backup vendor on your list

9 Marketing of the candle making business

9 Must-Follow Steps To Start Candle Making Business In India 6

The first and last step of every business starts with Marketing and ends at Marketing. Whether you are just starting a business or already have started, marketing strategies help you out at every stage of the business journey.

There are some of the specific marketing strategies that should be followed while you are planning for starting a candle making business.

  • Online promotion: nowadays every marketing strategy starts from online modes. You need to be present online so as to maintain the presence in the mind of customers. There are various techniques such as Networking at social media groups, creating a website and much more.
  • email marketing: The topmost marketing strategy that works for every business is email marketing. It helps you reach out to a large number of customers at one single time. As emails are an important part of life they are regularly checked by the individuals.
  • off-line mode: you need to create an off-line presence by generating holdings, flyers, newspaper advertisements, and various other promotional techniques. These will help you reach out to those areas which are following traditional methods to date.
  • creating USP: The candle making business has the advantage of being unique in the market, it is also known as the USP of the product. This unique form can be sold by charging extra for your customers, just need smart thinking to do that.
  • building brand image: You need to create a brand image of the business so as to build trust among the customers. It will help you maintain long-lasting customers and shows a real image of your business. You can create the brand image by contributing to the charity shows or using eco-friendly products and much more.


9 Must-Follow Steps To Start Candle Making Business In India 7

The candle making business has grown from many years and this era is one of the most successful years of a candle business. If you are reading the conclusion then we hope that you have understood the candle making a business plan.

Here is TIP# You should learn the process and read more about the business to be a wild success. Also, it is easy to follow the same line of products but inventing a new generation is what creates the evolution of the market.

Have you found the article helpful? What is your view towards the candle making a business plan? Which marketing strategy you choose? Are you a candle making business entrepreneur? What do you want to add here? Have any queries? 

Share your feedback in the comment section below.

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